Porch Enclosures

Keep your Carolina Room looking great!

Your Carolina Room is manufactured by PGT Industries, and is trademarked EZE Breeze* Vinyl Enclosures. We live in the Carolina’s, why not have a Carolina Room?

Otherwise known as a Four Seasons Room, these vinyl glazed and aluminum framed enclosures offer a cost effective way to add a bright addition to your home. Here at A+ Pro Services, Inc, we have been cleaning vinyl enclosures since 1999.

Vinyl is a strong, resilient material specially formulated to resist deterioration from the sun’s ultra-violet rays. With proper care and cleaning, PGT Eze-Breeze sliding panes will give you years of trouble-free service and prevent them from drying out or becoming brittle. Clean your Eze-Breeze sliding panels at least twice a year.

PGT’s recommended cleaning procedures state using a cleaning vinyl solution of Woolite® or Murphy Oil Soap® and warm water. But first you must remove the vinyl sliders, here’s how:

Removing Your PGT Eze-Breeze Sliding Panels

  1. Start with the innermost panel (bottom panel).
  2. Raise the bottom panel approximately 1”, release the thumb latches and tilt the panel in.
  3. Lift one side of the panel to remove the pin at the bottom of the panel from track.
  4. Carefully remove the panel, mark the panel number and set aside. Repeat from remaining panels.
  5. Note: marking each panel will help you replace them in the proper order.
  6. To replace, reverse the procedure.
  7. It is also recommended to remove the panels and clean the screens. This process will help in keeping the vinyl clean.

Once your panels are removed, systematically wash dry and buff both sides of each, keeping four panels together that belong in each sliding track.

Don’t forget that the aluminum framing, tracks and sills must be clean and free of mildew and debris before replacing your sliding panels. As you can read in my screen cleaning recommendations blog, screens must be cleaned on both sides (inside and out).

Once complete, you can reverse the removal instructions above. Do not forget to install each panel over the top of the panel above. The panels “hang” onto the one above so that you can slide them vertically up and down. Also, if you notice in the top of the framing, there are two metal clips that the highest panel must be securely inserted into so that they do not fall down.

Finally, the thumb latches break easily. This is due to dry rot and UV exposure, plus, well, it’s plastic. Call us at A+ Pro if you need to replace broken thumb latches. Your installer can provide the thumb latches as well as trouble shoot any other trouble like damaged vinyl, spline issues, stuck panels or torn screens. 

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