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Gloscoma Magma is the algae form that creates a black stain on your roofing shingles. Being an airborne spore, it can literally travel from roof to roof via bird droppings or through wind and rain causing an unsightly epidemic in your neighborhood. A+ Pro follows the American Asphalt Associations recommended cleaning procedures for algae remediation as well as develops a work plan that follows OSHA’s Working Walking Surfaces (OSHA section 1910.22). Learn More
Our least favorite service, but someone’s gotta do it! A+ Pro manually removes tree debris from roofing, roof valleys and gutters. We check downspouts to ground level and troubleshoot draining issues when requested. All debris is bagged and hauled away just after we blow ground level surfaces clean around your home. A+ Pro’s ladder equipment includes stand-offs that prevent ladders from damaging your gutters. Learn More
One of our premier services! A+ Pro’s House Wash is a top to bottom, low pressure, solution based cleaning that brightens surfaces and kills mildew. It’s all about details as we clean your gables, dormers, siding, trim, porches and entrance areas. Leave your outdoor furniture in place, as it’s always included. Consider this a yummy bath for your home’s exterior. A+ Pro’s House Wash guarantees a complete clean rinse that removes debris and salt from the cracks and crevices of your home as well as providing a residue free and shiny appearance. Learn More
Window and Door products are of the most expensive building materials installed in your home. A+ Pro was founded on our window cleaning service, because we simply do it with details! We provide cleaning of glass, tracks, frames screens and sills. It’s not only about shiny glass, it’s about maintaining the operating and sealing parts of the windows and doors to protect your investment. A+ Pro founder is passionate about glass and even provides scratch removal and well as other glass restoration services. Learn More
Typically fabricated by the manufacturer, PGT, we follow their recommended cleaning procedures. Our process has been developed over more than 15 years and includes the screens, aluminum framing, sliding tracks, sills and of course, the vinyl panels. We replace broken latches and lubricate the tracks to promote ease when opening and closing. We have clients that trust us with cleaning their enclosures every year and the impact is noticeable; the vinyl remains supple and framing remains free of buildup and mildew. Learn More
Our most popular semi-annual service for maximum curb appeal! Often referred to as your “Hardscapes”; Concrete, masonry, stone and even treated lumber are all surfaces that typically require the use of high pressure when cleaning. We often see these materials comprise your entrance areas like driveways, patios, porches and steps. Mostly, cleaning is with water only however, we do have hot water capability as well as some pretty trick solution applications available for almost all stain removal. Weather using a surface cleaner for large areas or the power wash lance for smaller areas, all hard surface cleaning promotes a uniform appearance, line free with detailed edges. A+ Pro’s services always include clean rinsing, including adjacent areas for maximum benefit to you. Learn More
A+ Pro was approached with interior janitorial opportunities back in 2013 when one of our Property Owners Associations needed a firm they could depend on. We are special when in comes to janitorial, it’s all about the relationship. By working together, municipalities and communities are fit with just the right janitorial personal that is 100% committed to their project. Then, by engaging our exterior cleaning services, we can offer a customized turn-key cleaning package that ensures dependability. Budget numbers and priority scheduling are always on time. We keep a close eye on your property and recommend repairs and maintenance options when needed. Find out why with A+ Commercial Cleaning packages you can commit...and forget it!
Commercial roofing applications are far different from residential. Often flat with a sealed membrane, roof bladders tend to accumulate scum and mildew that, if not routinely cleaned, will eventually deteriorate the membrane material as well as encourage slip hazards. A+ Pro employs a low pressure, solution based cleaning process that safely and effectively cleans roofing membranes. Commercial roof cleaning also includes removal of tree or other debris buildup that blocks drainage.includes stand-offs that prevent ladders from damaging your gutters.
Many commercial buildings are build with precast concrete, brick or other concrete block forms that develop efflorescence and a black appearance when not cleaned on a routine basis. A+ Pro Services offers a variety of cleaning solutions from high flow, high pressure cleaning to solution based applications, like acid washing. By attending industry trade shows, we are up to speed on the latest industrial cleaning products that tend to be more environmentally friendly. A+ Pro will customize a cleaning process that will promote a gleaming image for your organization’s commercial space.
Glass is increasingly the facade of choice on many commercial buildings. It adds beauty and bright working spaces. When not properly maintained, Air contaminants, concrete runoff, roadway debris and hard water deposits contribute to surface buildup on glass. It is imperative to keep glass clean! When glass restoration is required, we employ our Glass Renu mechanical polishing systems and can even perform scratch removal. A+ Pro has window cleaning covered with telescopic pure water systems, aerial boom lifts, rope descent systems and ladders of all kinds. Safety work plans always come first and all window cleaning processes are customized for you.
Safe walking surfaces and clean parking spaces are the first encounters your customer will have while visiting your business. A+ Pro cleans it all- from concrete entrance areas, curbing, asphalt, parking blocks….all the way out to the road entry, signage and monuments. Gum removal and automotive stains are always recommended. We have industrial, vehicle mounted, hot and cold water pressure cleaning systems that provide the professional appearance you want. A+ Pro provides a Safety Work Plan and often prefers to complete jobs during non-business hours.
The cleaning and sanitization of commercial dumpster areas is necessary compliance with health codes and for the safety of your employees. A+ Pro schedules routine cleanings that employ hot water, degreasing and other cleaning applications that keep your dumpster areas slip resistant, sanitized and looking great.


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A+ Pro has been serving some of our most affluent communities, municipalities and property owners associations with cleaning operations since 2013.

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