Gutter Cleaning

Clean those Gutters!

We all understand that having your rain gutters cleared out is basic roof maintenance. However, many times, we don’t fully understand why they have to be cleaned out and how often this task should be done.

The Purpose Of Seamless Gutters
Gutters are not in place to just to protect you from the rain. Seamless gutters serve an extremely valuable service. When we have a storm, the rain hits your roof and then it needs a place to safely land. This is where seamless gutters come into play. They act like a funnel to send the rain to a specific place and then gradually release the water to the ground.

By transporting the water away from the roof line, gutters protect the wood beneath your edges of your shingles, the wood under your eaves of your house (fascia) and it safeguards your siding as well. In addition, gutters are there to prevent top-soil erosion of the landscaping at the base of your home. When water is allowed to pool at the base of your home it can cause foundation breaking and other costly repairs.

Simply put, gutters are in place to save you, the homeowner, cash!

What Gets Inside Your Gutters
For starters, leaves will accumulate in your gutters. But not simply leaves, disintegrating leaves that have combines with dust and debris and turned into a soaked muddy mess. You will find twigs, pine needles (especially here in North Carolina), branches and other “tree matter.” If it has been awhile between cleanings, you may find weeds that have grown in the rain gutters. If you have asphalt shingles you will likewise get a good little bit of particles from them. Little tough pellets of shingles come off with the rain and find a nice place to lodge in your rain gutters.

With all this trash, you can see why it’s so simple for them to become blocked.

The Recommended Rain Gutter Cleaning Schedule
A+ Plus Pro Services recommends that you clean your gutters twice a year – once in the spring and again in the fall. Of course, this doesn’t apply to every homeowner.

Do you live in an area with very few trees? Is your neighbors lawn always kept clean and free of shrubs and trees? If this is the case, then you may not require gutter cleaning but once a year or in some situations even every two or three years. On the other hand, if you live in an established area with lots of trees you might need this service done once every 3 months. As with all home maintenance, use common sense. If we have another severe storm or even a hurricane, then the gutters need to be cleaned out as soon as the horizon clears.

For a residential property owner to take advantage of the cost savings of functioning rain gutters, the homeowner should guarantee that his gutters are kept clean at all times either by a professional or by getting out the ladder and doing it themselves. Preventative upkeep can go a long way to guaranteeing gutters stay clean. Here are some steps that can be used to help lengthen the time in between rain gutter cleanings:

  • Cut all trees and bushes so that they are far from the home and the roofing system
  • Install wire gutter guards
  • Place a water pipe at one end of the seamless gutters to assist flush out any debris

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