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window cleaning Myrtle BeachTips To Get Your Windows Cleaned For Christmas and New Year

Are you ready to start a brand new year? Is your home or office space clean and all set to welcome 2018? If not, then here are five simple yet effective tips to make sure that your windows are spotless clean for the New Year.

Use a strip applicator when washing windows.  

Keep in mind that windows outside the house requires heavy duty cleaning than your windows inside. You cannot get them properly cleaned by simply using paper towels and Windex. You have to use a strip applicator if you want your windows to be in tiptop condition for the holidays. A strip applicator is a handheld tool that can take in soap and water so you can scrub the window surface clean. It also makes it easier for you to get rid of the grime.

Use a squeegee.

If you want to get the best results, another thing you need to use when window cleaning is a squeegee. It works well when you need to wipe the water and get rid of the suds from your windows. Get your squeegee and begin at the window’s top left then pull it over the soapy window in a reverse S-pattern. After every stroke, use a rag like linen napkins or old cloth diapers to clean the squeegee.

Dry the drips.

If you notice that water is still on the edges of the window glass, use a damp and wrung-dry chamois to clean it up. It can soak up the wetness without having to worry about streaks or any other kind of marks for that matter. They work perfectly when it comes to wiping and drying the windowsill.

Get rid of stubborn spots.

You might notice mineral streaks on your window glass. This is caused by rain that fell through metal screens or hard water staining. Mineral streaks are tough to remove if you only use normal window washing. In case you need have this on your window, you can try to get rid of it using a Barkeeper’s Friend or a steel wool. Put some powder on a wet cloth, rub the stains away, and then squeegee it twice to get rid of any residue. Always remember that stains may come back after doing this treatment. If you really want to get rid of the stains properly, hire a reputable window cleaning Myrtle Beach company. You can also do it on your own by using a 3 Star Barrier Glass Surface Protectant, which is a colorless polymer coating that is put on the window surface using a strip applicator and the squeegeed off. This kind of protection is long lasting provided that the polymer is applied every after window cleaning Myrtle Beach.

Use custom squeegees when working on multi-pane windows.

If your commercial establishment or house has multi-pane windows, then you might have problems finding a suitable squeegee. One alternative is a custom squeegee. You can do this by cutting a squeegee into the size of your window pay using a hacksaw.

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