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window treatmentsWindow Treatments To Help You Survive The Summer

Too much exposure to sunlight can be detrimental to your health in many ways. To avoid its harsh effects, the simplest way is to confine yourself to your home and turn up the air conditioner at its maximum. This may be good as a temporary solution, however, you need to consider the rays of the sun that tries to sneak in your house through your Myrtle Beach windows and doors.

The heat that gets inside your home through the windows increases the workload of your air conditioner by twofold. About 76% of the sunlight that gets inside your home through typical double pane windows are transformed into heat. During summer, your home’s windows can make your house feel like your inside a greenhouse.

Block The Heat With Blinds

We know very well that most homeowners decorate their windows using beautiful curtains as well as drapes to improve the visual appeal of their houses. However, they should also think about how those window accessories can help in reducing energy bills during summer. The United States Department of Energy says that two medium shape drapes that come with the right liner can lower the heat gain by around 33%.

Summer Window Treatments

To assist you in your fight against the heat and help you in your effort to reduce your energy bills, here are some tips that can help you block the heat from your windows. Aside from the nuisance and discomfort, the sunlight getting inside your home through your windows and doors can disrupt your power naps in the afternoon. It may also have an effect on your wellness. Therefore, if the summer heat knocks on your door, you can counter it by using the best window coverings.

Interior Window Treatments To Keep The Sunlight Out

The Best Shades For Your Home’s Windows

One of the most efficient ways of saving electricity is the use of shades. They can efficiently block heat and also reflect the sunlight back. This option is affordable but requires correct installation if you wish to enjoy the many benefits that shades have to offer. If you mount them too close to the glass can create a sealed space that can obstruct sunlight. A few of the best window shade options to help keep the heat out are as follows:

Reversible Shades – One of the best ways when it comes to blocking heat from windows are the reversible shades. They offer lots of advantages. Reversible shades are light colored on one side and dark colored on the other. You can switch them based on the weather outdoors.

Roller and Roman Shades – this option is affordable. Roller shades come with a roller bar that is placed on top of the window. Meanwhile, roman shades are manufactured from fabric and equally made into a series of folds. These shades can be obtained in different weaves, fabrics, and colors. Pick a heavier cloth to assist you in controlling the amount of heat, light, and privacy that is entering your home.

Exterior Solar Shades For Your Patio Doors – solar shades are great options when it comes to your patio doors. But be sure to get those that are made of great quality screen materials. They are low maintenance and durable. Additionally, they decrease the glare and they are also great in blocking UV rays so as not to disrupt your home’s temperature. They have a very sleek and tidy appearance that can keep the view and decrease the glare. They are easy to install and once done, they will filter the harsh rays of the sun. They are one of the best options when it comes to blocking heat from your windows and keeping the view.

Cellular Shades or Honeycomb Shades – they are tiny hexagonal channels that can improve the insulation of your home by trapping heat. This type of shades are energy efficient and noise dampening thanks to their honeycomb fabric. Because of this, professionals say that cellular  shades can reduce the solar heat that goes inside your home by around 80% or more if they are installed tightly.

Blinds That Block Heat And Light

You can adjust the blind’s slats if you wish to regulate the ventilation and light in the room. The Department of Energy said that high reflection blinds can reduce heat gain by around 45% provided that they are closed tightly. Even though exterior blinds are far more efficient compared to the interior ones, it is difficult to install to an existing window. They work best with newly built houses and they can block the heat even before it goes inside the room. When installed correctly, interior blinds can be utilized to reflect the sunlight to the ceiling, thus scattering the light without worrying about too much heat inside the room. In case your windows are facing a lot of sunlight during the day, the best window treatments for you are blinds.

Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapes are also great ways to obstruct the heat from the sun. Even though their ability to regulate heat is based on the fabric used to make them, experts think that medium colored draperies that come with liners can decrease the heat by a minimum of 33%. A cornice can be set up on top of the drapery to assist in blocking the sunlight from getting inside the house. You should also consider hanging a couple of drapery panels and install them closer to the windows. They will produce tighter airspace and hinder the outside heat from getting inside the house while providing better light control, decorative, and privacy options.

Exterior Window Treatments

Exterior shades and shutters – among the finest methods to block heat from your windows are exterior shades and shutter. They are very effective in decreasing solar heat gain. They are made of steel, wood, fabric, vinyl, or aluminum. When buying them for your home, be sure that the material has tiny openings for higher resistance to heat. They are available in different materials and most options are operated manually. There are also those that can be opened or closed from the interior through a crack. For privacy, safety from storms as well as protection from heat, you can lower the blinds totally. You have the option to raise them partially in case you wish some light and air to get inside the house. Keep in mind that not all window treatments are ideal for exterior windows. Therefore, it is important for you to get exterior treated shades or shutters that can serve such purposes.

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