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We’re Bringing Our Professional Cleaning Services to Calabash, NC!

A dock in Calabash, North Carolina, where A Plus Pro offers cleaning services.

You’ve heard the phrase, “That’s a good problem to have.” Well, we are having wonderful, exciting growth at A+ Pro Services, but we have a job to do. How can we reach these great people of Calabash, North Carolina and tell them about what we do and how we do it? We offer professional cleaning services, but what is that exactly? We’d love a chance to tell you while you’re here. 

People had thought of us as specifically a window cleaning business in the past and through some advertising, but mostly positive word of mouth, people in our other service areas learned we do much more than windows. We clean both residential and commercial properties, we go inside and outside the building or home, and we have a variety of skills and applications that meet most cleaning needs. 

In our new location in Calabash, NC., A+ Pro will provide these services:

Exteriors and Facades

We wash the outside of houses, such as the siding, dormers, gables, porches, trim, and entrances, often using a solution-based treatment with low pressure spraying. Your home will look like new again with a debris-free, mildew-free exterior. For commercial spaces, we provide the same professional cleaning services, but add acid washing with high flow, high pressure. Many buildings are plagued by growths and stains, with often a blackened or efflorescent appearance. We will find an environmentally-responsible method to enhance the aesthetics of your business. 


We think of ourselves as a full-service window cleaning company. We clean the glass exceptionally well, but also service the frames, tracks, sills, and screens. If it affects the integrity of the home or building involving the windows, we probably deal with it. With commercial buildings, we see more debris and water deposits, as well as concrete runoff and air contaminants. We have a plan, technique, know-how, equipment, and professional care to remedy those effects. We can even fix scratches and polish the glass with our mechanical polishing system called Glass Renu. Whether it’s a basement window or a window 40 feet above the ground, we can help. Plus, we offer routine and non-routine service. 


Homes are often marred by various discolorations, especially from growths like algae that’s responsible for the gross, brown streaks on the roof. Our service is the method prescribed by the American Asphalt Association to remove and treat that algae. We also maintain roof bladders on commercial buildings that are in danger of permanent damage. Mildew, scum, and certainly debris can damage a bladder to the point of reducing the integrity of the roof. So we haul off the debris if necessary and use a solution-based, low pressure wash to gently clean the surfaces. 

Gutter Cleaning

Along with the roofs, we also service gutters of business spaces and homes. We gently remove any debris blocking the water flow from gutters, as well as the valleys and downspouts. We’ve even help troubleshoot draining issues when necessary. And in the process, we use extensions to avoid damaging your gutters and roof with our equipment. 

Porch Enclosures

Dealing with enclosed porches is more involved than it might seem. The screens, vinyl panels, lattice, sills, framing, sliding tracks, and latches all need to be serviced from time to time. As a professional cleaning service, we take pride in going the extra mile and doing the little things that become big things if you aren’t thorough. We care about long-term functionality in addition to the aesthetics. 

Driveways and Entrances

If you have concrete, asphalt, stone, brick, or wooden surfaces, we have a plan. We know that first impressions are a significant concern for home or business owners. While still pursuing environmentally harmless practices, we remove the mold, mildew, dirt, grime, and other unwanted elements from your driveways, walkways, steps, porches, posts, facing, parking lots, curbing, signage, monuments, and others. Let us use our industrial grade pressure washing to regain the original beauty of your first-impression materials. 


We offer a couple professional cleaning services that focus on sanitation. First, A+ Pro serves businesses with routine and non-routine indoor cleaning services. We get to know your specific needs and come up with a plan for keeping your building clean, tidy, and sanitary. We also clean dumpster pads, washing away waste and debris while sanitizing the surface. Slick or toxic dumpster pads are a danger we can mitigate. We will use hot pressure washing with degreasing and cleaning agents to make sure your business is clean and legal, while keeping your employees safe. 

We look forward to establishing relationships with the home and business owners of the Calabash area. While we know A+ Pro is just one of many professional cleaning companies, we plan to win people over with our superior customer service, impeccable standards, expert professionals, and a love for serving people. A+ Pro Services, Inc.is eager to build relationships with and serve the great people of Calabash! Contact us to find out just how hard we’ll work for you!