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Solar Panel CleaningSolar panels are usually self-cleaning, however, in certain dry locations or where panel tilt is at a marginal rate, dust, as well as particles like bird droppings can accumulate as time passes and influence the volume of electrical power that a module generates. Bird excrement and grime does not have to cover up the whole panel in order to have an effect. This is one good example when solar panel cleaning is essential.

Solar Panel Cleaning Basic Procedures

Be sure to follow safety procedures when cleaning solar panels. Carry out the cleaning process as stated in the manual for turning off the system before you start cleaning it.

For safety purposes, it is also a good idea to clean up your panels starting from the ground, if you can. An excellent quality soft brush as well as a squeegee with a plastic blade on one side and then a fabric covered sponge on the other side along with a long extension are enough to be the perfect tools that would allow you to remain on the ground. Make use of a hose with an appropriate nozzle to enable the stream of water to get to the panels.

NOTE: In case cleaning your solar panels starting from the ground is not feasible, do not try to gain access to your rooftop if you do not possess the proper safety devices and training. During this instances, it is best to employ a well-qualified professional instead.

Cleaning up your solar panels on a cloudy day, during the day or at night. In case the sun is radiating intense heat and brightness on the solar panels, any water utilized can immediately disappear and dirt will end up smeared.

Morning hours can be a great cleaning time as dew would have softened the grime after settling on the panels overnight. This means you will require less water and effort when cleaning your solar panels.

When the panels are have dried out, before spraying the modules with water, clean out any loose substances first. Doing this is going to make the cleaning process simpler and quicker.

When it comes to getting rid of caked on substances, be sure to avoid using harsh products and metal objects. Keep in mind that scraping the solar panel glass can impact its efficiency as scuff marks are going to cast shadows. Do not use cleaning agents, if at all possible, because they may streak the solar panel glass. Abrasive powders are also not recommended because of the possibility of marring the panels.

Due to the nature of top quality solar panel glass, clean water and minor scrubbing using a coarse cloth lined sponge or soft brush could get rid of the most persistent grime. You may also try using plastic scourers.

In case mains-supplied water is hard and you have available rain water; you can make use of those as the last rinse. Dry it with a squeegee afterwards. If you only have hard water, just make sure that squeegee and the mineral-ladened water could form deposits on the glass when it dries.

How To Deal With Oily Marks

Oily stains can arise in a few installation cases, like when you reside near an airport and you are right below a flight path or when you live close to and downwind of a main roadway often travelled to by trucks. If oily stains begin showing up on your panels; you can use isopropyl alcohol to clean it off.

The Conclusion On Solar Panel Cleaning

The old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is applicable – in the majority of home installation cases, cleaning solar panels is not worth the hassle – or the probable danger when trying to access your rooftop. Unless dirt is obviously noticeable or overall performance is significantly affected; just allow nature get the job done for you – just like it does in producing solar power.

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