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Things To Do Before Hiring A Window Cleaning Expert

Seeing the beautiful summer day outside thanks to your clean and streak-free window is one of life’s little pleasures. But we all know that getting that clean and clear windows require the help of window cleaning experts. If you are thinking about employing the services of a professional window cleaner or doing the task yourself, here are three things that you need to take into consideration before going up that ladder for a whole day of DIY window washing:

Safety – Are you capable of cleaning the exterior and hard to reach windows safely? Do you have the right tools needed for the job?

Time – Do you have enough time to clean properly clean all of your windows. Keep in mind that this is a time-consuming and cumbersome task, which is why most homeowners hire a Myrtle Beach window washer.

Quality – Can you achieve the cleaning quality that professional window cleaners can offer? Also, you need to be wary of some household cleaners because they could leave streaks that you will have to look at until your next window cleaning schedule.

When you have finally decided to get a professional window washer, there are 4 things you need to do before the team from a professional window cleaning company in Brunswick County arrives:

  1. Clean up your blinds

Windows, regardless of how clean they are, can still gather dust that comes off from the window blinds. So if you are thinking of having a window cleaning company wash your interior windows, you have to clean up your blinds before they arrive at your home. You can also ask if they can do this additional task for you.

  1. Inquire about unusual jobs

Window washers commonly bring with them tall ladders, not just to access hard to reach windows outside your home but also to gain access to high, hard-to-reach objects inside your house, too. May it be cleaning the ceiling fans, swapping old lights bulbs with new ones, or cleaning entryway light fixtures. Be sure to ask them if they offer such services and how much do they cost.

  1. Move breakable items

Even when a company is extremely professional and careful, there are still instances when accidents happen. So it is important to move out fragile goods to prevent it from becoming accidentally damaged.

  1. Think about window screens

If you have installed screens outside your windows, they will most likely be a lot dirtier and require more extensive cleaning than when the screens were placed inside. A comprehensive process will usually include a cleaning solution, while a less detailed process that cleans the screens indoors simply involve wiping them down using a wet towel.

Calculating the window washing cost

Even though window cleaning appears like a fairly simple job, there are many factors that would affect the final cost of the service:

How extensive is the work needed? Dirtier windows usually cost more because they would need more tools, equipment, and time.

How many windows need to be cleaned? The more windows that need washing, the higher the cost that you are expected to pay.

Are the windows easy to access? Ladders, special equipment, and more time might be needed to clean up a few hard-to-reach windows.

Interior, Exterior windows, or both? Choosing interior or exterior-only cleaning service could help you save a small amount of cash for a while, but like most of the other services, if you choose an a la carte pricing, you will end up paying more per service. If you believe you will at some point want both, It is highly recommended to get them done simultaneously.

Whether you need to have your interior or exterior windows cleaned, call A+ Pro Services Inc. Our expert window cleaners will thoroughly clean your windows at a price you can afford.

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