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Screen Cleaning, A Cumbersome Job

window screen cleaningAs we end pollen season, I am certain you have noticed the most absorbing surface of pine pollen- Screens. Here I will layout proper procedures for screen cleaning.

Screen mesh on windows, doors and porches are usually made of fiberglass. Some screen mesh is aluminum or even copper. The advantage to metal screen mesh materials is that it does not damage from ultra violet sun exposure. Notice, fiberglass screens on the South side of your home will start to appear grey and dull and become brittle, so brittle that you can poke your finger straight through with no effort. Metal mesh does not do this. However, metal screen mesh in our coastal salt air environment oxidizes, becomes almost crusty and will deteriorate. Further, metal mesh will transfer the aluminum oxides onto the glass surface of the window it covers creating little white spots on the glass that are very difficult to remove. Therefore, fiberglass screens are most popular in our area and will last in direct sun exposed areas for a number of years. It is highly probable that you have fiberglass screens on your home unless you have an Anderson, Pella or other High End Window and Door Product.

Maintaining your screens is very important. There are three areas on your screens that need to be maintained on a regular basis:

  • Framing
  • Hardware
  • Screen mesh

Your screen frame is made of Aluminum and is usually a factory painted white. The framing becomes black if not polished and if not removed on some frequency will collect a lot of buildup and crusty debris around your window frame. One of the biggest mistakes I see customers make when cleaning their own windows is that they clean screens in place not allowing for the hardware to be used (and moved) and ignoring this buildup I speak of. When you clean your screen framing, use a polish of some sort. Something similar as to what you would polish silverware with and you will be amazed with the results.

Hardware is meant to be used. If left alone, especially on a beach home it will corrode and collect salt to where touching it will cause it to fall apart. Washing the hardware with clean water, scrubbing with a toothbrush and lubricating when dry will make the hardware last for many years. Use dry lubricants that are formulated for windows and doors, as they will not be greasy and collect debris. When hardware needs replacement, it can be tricky finding the right size to match. A+ Pro orders all screen materials form an online supplier and even stock these miscellaneous parts on our service vehicles. You may get lucky and find your part size a Lowes or Home Depot.

To start screen cleaning, use a softening type of soap like Murphy’s Oil or Woolite. These surfactants will keep your screen material supple and soft to avoid the brittleness mentioned above. Remove the screen, brace it firmly and dunk a soft bristle brush into you nice soapy mixture. Scrub down both sides of the screen mesh and all around the screen frame, paying attention to the small grooves in the frame that collect debris. Then, wipe your screen dry. You will need several towels as they will become wet, or just continue to ring out the wet towel to remove the soapy water. Screens to not need to be completely dry, they will dry on their own. As long as the screen is clean there will be not smeary appearance.

Make sure when you replace your screen into the window frame, you have cleaned the framing where your screen will sit.

Now, open you windows and know that you have a clean filter on your window openings to keep debris and bugs out of your home!

A+ Pro Services provides all of the above services, so if your windows and screens need cleaning, call the Pros. We are equipped to help with this cumbersome job today!

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