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Why Pure Water For Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning ShallotteWater is comprised of a single atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen. That’s why it’s called WATER. These atoms exist as two charged ions in water. Hydrogen is a favorably charged ion; the other Hydrogen ion is linked to the Oxygen ion to form a negatively charged hydroxide-ion.

The purification process for window cleaning removes all mineral and particle pollutants from the water enabling it to evaporate without leaving any trace deposits behind. No squeegees or other drying techniques are needed for this spot free result.

Pure water is an extremely reliable organic solvent. Grade school may have taught you to think of water as the “universal solvent” it is genuinely the case. On a molecular level, water is fantastic at absorbing dirt. As it struggles to return to a natural impure state, water will absorb dirt. For a spot free window, rinse the dirty water away with pure water.

Pure water without detergent is a very effective cleaning agent. It will remove almost all organic, liquid (water-based) and other ionic contaminants and other things such as dirt, grit and some kinds of grease.

Water used in this kind of cleaning operation is normally infiltrated reverse osmosis (RO),  mixed-bed deionization (DI) or a combination of the 2 procedures. Pure water will greatly improve your cleansing result. This pure water does not include any ions, so it is an extremely efficient rinse agent, leaving spot free results after evaporation. This pure water provides an outstanding choice for the activation, suspension and ultimate release of soils from surfaces and leaves very little chance of re-introducing soils on surfaces.

Typically to deliver the water to the building it is required or pumped up through a telescopic pole with a tube either inside or outside the pole. At the end of the pole is a brush that has jets or spray nozzles embedded in it. The water is used onto the surface area through the jets, the dirt is agitated by the scrubbing of the brush and the dirt is then suspended in the water, all set to be rinsed away by the consistent stream( s) of pure water. The efficiency of this kind of window cleaning is not easily matched by any other methods.

There are poles available that surpass 70 feet of reach. This typically leads to improved security of operators, as ladders are no longer necessary in many instances and harmful climbs up are no longer needed. Oftentimes the outcomes of pure water cleansing will go beyond that of standard methods, and the absence of need for cleaning agents is a greener choice. Many detergents can leave a microscopic film behind, which can actually bring in dirt to the surface, leading to faster re-soiling. As there is no residue or static left after pure water cleansing, sometimes surfaces cleaned up with pure water methods remain cleaner for longer time periods.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane that obstructs anything larger than a water molecule. By doing this, reverse osmosis gets rid of around 95% of the impurities in the water, and generally all of the naturally taking place minerals. Mineral material in water improves the pH of the water. When you get rid of the minerals, you are developing partially acidic water.

If you think about purified water as “unnatural” water, it makes good sense that the water wants to return to its natural state of being. For that reason, when it is utilized as a cleaner, it will look for dirt particles and literally bond to them. It is called the universal solvent for a factor.

When the pujre water is used to a surface area, the water is seeking out dirt to bond with, as the water attempts to return to its more natural state. (There is no source of 100% distilled water that occurs naturally anywhere on the planet). The rinse action washes away the dirt that is now bonded with the water molecules and suspended in the water. Due to the fact that the unclean water is replaced with clean, pure water– and there’s no dirt left for the water to bond with– when water does exactly what comes NATURALLY (evaporate), you’re left with a clean, streak free surface area. It’s easy chemistry, and physics at work.

Using pure water as an expert window cleaner at one time was thought to be about the “future of window cleansing”. That is no longer the case. Any expert window cleaner that does not have pure water as an alternative for their business is now behind the times, and is at danger of losing productivity and profit. Having the ability to remove ladder climbs must bring down the slip/fall threats intrinsic in our industry likewise. Smarter, much safer window cleaners all around the world are using pure water every day. The science cannot be refuted, the results are clear. What’s stopping you?

A+ Pro Window Services uses Pure Water in all our window cleaning processes. Spring is a great time to have your windows cleaned and let the sun shine in! Call us today to schedule your window cleaning before our schedule fill up!

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