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window washing Shallotte NCPollen Season is Almost Over – Time to Resume Spring Cleaning

Pollen season has finished for this year.  Some say this spring was the worst pollen season yet in North and South Carolina… For sure those of you with allergies you probably say that every year!

During the heavy pollen season, often it looks like a waste of time to take the time to  clean up around your home and car since in no time at all be covered again in a dusty yellow film again. Don’t give up! While pollen can hinder your spring cleaning efforts, we’re here to provide some ideas to make your life much easier.

Tips For Post Pollen Cleaning

Cleaning your house, outdoor deck/patio, roof and sun room regularly is the only way to rid your home’s outside of pollen. Blowing or vacuuming  daily will aid in build up. Take it a step further by hosing horizontal surfaces. Yes it will return, however if you’re dealing with allergies, this will help a lot! Now that the pollen has subsided, its time to pull out your pressure washer. High pressure cleaning will thoroughly clean the pollen from all of the crack ands crevesis of you furniture, porches, railings and screens. Make sure to use the 45 degree nozzle and stay atlas 2’ from the surface you are cleaning to avoid damage. Before you head out and lease or purchase a pressure washer, give us a call for a free estimate. You will save time and back pain by having this job done by professionals. Professional equipment used by a Brunswick County pressure washing company has a higher PSI and gallons of water flowing per minute. These attributes make a world of difference in the final result.

window washingClean your windows, and keep them closed! While you most likely want to open your windows and let the spring breeze in, pollen will find its way into your house and settle on your interior sills and more– and pollen can stain! Cleaning your windows is important due to the fact that if they’re covered in a yellow film, you’re not going to have the ability to delight in the view– and spring is a gorgeous season! Pollen persists and will just continue to cake on gradually, so letting it sit there all season long can be troublesome. You’ll find it’s much more difficult to clean up at the end of the season if it’s left undisturbed for a couple of months. Try to rinse your screens a minimum of once or twice, so the pollen does not settle in. Having your windows professionally cleaned ensures every detail of your windows is handled efficiently. Again, professional equipment yields professional results.

Steps to prevention to consider for next spring

Wash and wax your car before spring hits. While you’ll still be handling a dirty car all spring long, the wax barrier will assist in protecting the paint on your vehicle. More frequent car washes will be required throughout the spring to keep it clean, but waxing BEFORE pollen season gets here is the best bet genuine protection.

Purchase some covers for your outdoor patio furnishings. While you can’t simply place a sheet over your entire home to secure it from pollen, you can definitely cover your grill and furniture to prevent needing to hose them down each time you want to sit outdoors. Pollen is unavoidable in most parts of Brunswick and Horry County, but having covers will relieve the disappointment of the yellow mess and prevent spots on clothing.

Watch the weather report. Usually you’ll be cautioned of a “pollen storm” and can plan accordingly. Keep windows in your house/car shut so you’re not dealing with a blanket of yellow dust on your interior sills or car seats.

For some of you, the end of pollen season is a cause for celebration! No more itchy eyes and throat, and you can be free from the consistent looming threat. So go out there, clean up and take pleasure in the outdoors!

A+ Pro services would love to help you eliminate the last of the pollen on your screens, windows, porches and siding. Give us a call for a free quote or schedule an appointment right from our website. Do it now, our schedule is booking fast!

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