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At A+ Pro Services, Inc, we are passionate about glass. Window Cleaning is a huge chore to most homeowners, but to us is a service that we take very seriously. Most residents build a home that is too large or too tall for them to maintain themselves.

Here are a few tips for some of the most common window cleaning situations:

Windows that constantly streak after cleaning

Window cleaning professionals use squeegees, you should too! Apply a mild soft soap solution to your glass. Dry the top or side edge of your window pane. Always pull squeegee top to bottom or side to side. Starting on dry glass is one secret to avoiding streaks or what professionals call “drag”. Though the pro’s  may be capable of cleaning windows in direct sunshine, you should avoid because your solution will quickly dry and streak.  For best results, clean cool glass. The proof is in the science.

Blinds that are always dusty

One method to keep your blinds dust free to is spray a product like Static Guard on the blinds right after cleaning. This will help to keep dust from quickly adhering to the blinds. The goal of any cleaning method is to reduce the static tension on the surface- the same is true for blinds. Always wash your blinds with a wet method (warm mild soap solution) to dissolve dust instead of dry dusting that only moves dust around and produces static.

Removing mildew on window panes

Wash with a bleach-detergent product before you clean the glass. Gray or black mildew spots on wood and vinyl frames can be cleaned up for good with a solution of 2 ounces of any type of  bleach and one ounce of any soap detergent in a quart of water. Using rubber gloves to secure your hands, sponge the service on the spots, let it sit for ten minutes, and after that rinse completely with clean water. It is important to thoroughly rinse all bleach from glass surfaces.

Cannot Keep Outside of Windows Clean

Apply a coat of Glass Wax or any type of hydrophilic coating. RainX is a hydrophobic coating formulated for automotive glass designed to bead up and fly off your windshield. Hydrophilic coatings are created for architectural glass and designed to sheet down glass. This sheeting action will cause debris to slide off your glass with rain or hose and prevent it from beading up causing spots. Hydrophilic coatings are excellent applied to skylights.

Windows that seem to get dirty quickly

Modern Southern homes can trap pollen, dander and dust, and other particles inside than before because they are airtight. While furnace and air conditioning system filters extend the life of your HVAC system, they also assist trap that dirt and changing the filter can keep your windows and furnishing clean. Filters must be changed every month, or anytime you can’t see through the filter when you hold it up to a light. Cleaning your air cooling filter frequently is an inexpensive way to keep your house cooler and interior glass cleaner. This is an essential part of Myrtle Beach window cleaning.

Windows that are exposed to secondhand smoke

Wash smoke streaked windows with ammonia. It’s the only thing that can remove nicotine film or other gunk. Use a solution of 2-1⁄2 gallons of water with 1 cup of lemon-scented ammonia and scrub the windows. The ammonia will cut the grime, and the fresh lemon scent will leave your home smelling great.

Cleaning the screens

Last week we talked about the best way to clean your screens. Click here to read the complete post.

Spring is a great time to call us for thorough widows and screen cleaning. It is time to let the sun shine in! Call A+ Pro Services Inc. now.

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