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Tips To Make Window Cleaning Easier

window cleaning companyTips To Make Window Cleaning Easier

Window washing does not have to be a cumbersome task. With the tips provided below and the right cleaning tools, you can make this chore a lot easier and quicker. Before we continue our discussion, it is highly recommended to place all your window washing tools in a single bucket and prepare a second one for mixing your cleaning solutions.

The Tools and Materials You Need

  • Soft bristled brush
  • White vinegar
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Polyester sea sponges
  • Squeegees
  • Extension poles
  • Lint-free cloths
  • Rubber gloves
  • Razor blades with straight edges
  • Ladder
  • Non-ammoniated all-purpose cleaning solution

Simple Cleaning Methods

  • Choose when you want to clean your windows. Experts recommend that you do this task when the sun isn’t shining directly on your windows. The sun’s heat may lead to the premature drying of the cleaning solution and result in water spots and streaks.
  • Go out and brush the exterior of your windows as well as the frames as gently as you can using a soft bristled brush. This will help you remove dirt and cobwebs that may have accumulated over time. Also, be sure to clean tracks, sills, and hinges.
  • Make a cleaning solution that consists of 1 part hot water and 1 part white vinegar.
  • If you are planning to use the squeegee to clean your interior windows, don’t forget to place towels on the windowsill to cat drips and prevent it from staining your floors.
  • Wet and not drench the sponge with the water-vinegar solution, if you plan to use it to get rid of dirt. Prevent the solution from coming in contact with your window frames.
  • Begin at the upper corner of the window pane. Using a straight stroke, draw the squeegee down. Go back to the top and repeat the process. Be sure to overlap each new stroke with the new one. Additionally, after every stroke you make, wipe the squeegee’s rubber edge using a lint-free cloth or a sponge. If you are on the last stroke, pull the squeegee across the bottom and use a dry and clean cloth to wipe the sill dry.
  • Wipe the frames using a cloth that has been dampened with water and non-ammoniated all-purpose cleaning agent. Use a damp and clean cloth to get rid of the cleaning solution and the use a dry cloth to wipe it dry.

If you are cleaning large windows, experts prefer to use the snake method. From the upper corner of the window, pull the squeegee across the window horizontally. At the other corner, turn and then lower the squeegee to the water line and then pull it again across your window. Repeat the process and don’t forget to clean the edges using a cloth. On the other hand, if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t have the tools, or just don’t have the time for this kind of task, it is better to hire a professional window cleaning company in Brunswick County. read more

How To Clean Your EZE-Breeze Vinyl Windows

Care of WindowsHow To Clean Your EZE-Breeze Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is a strong, resilient material specially formulated to resist deterioration from the sun’s ultra-violet rays. With proper care and cleaning, these sliding panes will give you years of  trouble-free service and prevent them from drying out or becoming brittle. Clean your Eze-Breeze sliding 

Step 1. With the vents in the closed position, raise the bottom panel approximately 1”, release the thumb latches and tilt the panel in. Rest the tilted panel on a chair or other support. Lower the remaining three panels to the bottom of the unit, raise the second panel approximately 1″, and tilt it in to rest on the bottom panel. Repeat until all remaining panels are tilted in. You may also completely remove panels to wash more freely and thoroughly. read more

How To Clean Windows Without Streaking

window cleaning Myrtle BeachHow To Clean Windows Without Streaking

Cleaning windows without streaks is never easy. Just when you thought that you’ve given your windows a thorough cleaning, you become frustrated after seeing residue. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to clean your windows without streaking. This task is simple to do provided that you know that you are doing. Provided below are some important window cleaning tips you need to know.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is if you are using hard water. You have to be sure that you are not using hard water especially when you are using tap water when diluting the glass cleaning solution. Hard water contains minerals that can leave behind unexpected streaks. When diluting your cleaning solution, you will get clearer and cleaner result You can also use this tip when cleaning other glass surfaces such as mirrors and tabletops. read more

Pollen Season is Almost Over – Time to Resume Spring Cleaning

window washing Shallotte NCPollen Season is Almost Over – Time to Resume Spring Cleaning

Pollen season has finished for this year.  Some say this spring was the worst pollen season yet in North and South Carolina… For sure those of you with allergies you probably say that every year!

During the heavy pollen season, often it looks like a waste of time to take the time to  clean up around your home and car since in no time at all be covered again in a dusty yellow film again. Don’t give up! While pollen can hinder your spring cleaning efforts, we’re here to provide some ideas to make your life much easier. read more

Why Hire A Professional Pressure Washing Company?

pressure washingWhy Hire A Professional Pressure Washing Company?

With our several years of experience as a leading service provider or residential window and home cleaning solutions, A+ Pro Services Inc. understands the many advantages offered by commercial pressure washing. Pressure washers are among the top cleaning solutions of countless homeowners. Despite its popularity, there are many people who have only seen or heard about pressure washers but have not yet obtained such a service for their property. Some believe that renting or buying their own machine is much cheaper, which is not true. A+ Pro Services Inc. is among the top pressure washing companies, and provided below are five of the primary benefits of getting pressure washing solutions. read more

A+ Pro Services’ Owner Takes OSHA Construction Training Course

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Owner of leading exterior cleaning services provider, A+ Pro Services Inc. attends OSHA 10-hour Construction Training on prevention of safety and health hazard in workplaces

A+ Pro Services Inc. is one of the leading window cleaning service providers in North Carolina, as well as Horry County, South Carolina, providing a wide range of window cleaning services to homes and commercial properties in the region. As part of the company’s efforts to provide excellent services to its clients, the owner of A+ Pro Services, Sheila Smeltzer, recently completed the OSHA 10-hour Construction Training Course, where participants are taught the prevention of safety and health hazard in workplaces for general industry. read more

Why and How To Choose The Right Pressure Washing Company

pressure washing

Why and How To Choose The Right Pressure Washing Company

Spring in the United States is all about walking in the park, visiting the zoo with your kids, or hosting outdoor barbecues with friends and family. Spring is likewise a great time for you to clean up your yard, plant flowers in your garden, and conduct spring cleaning. When it comes to this kind of task, you need to consider adding pressure washing to your list of spring cleaning chores. Given that, there are several reasons why you should hire a professional pressure washing company. Leave this work to true experts and spend your time with your loved ones. read more

Window Cleaning Services For Consumers On A Shoestring Budget

Window Cleaning Services For Consumers On A Shoestring Budget

Even with today’s economy, a lot of consumers including residential and commercial property owners, still have maintenance needs that require the help of a professional. With the simple tips provided below, you will be able to make the most out of your small budget and still get high-quality cleaning services. For some, hiring a cleaning service is a luxury. But you need to remember that nothing can make your home look brighter, more appealing, and much cleaner than having tidy windows. Did you know that you can save about one-quarter of your bill by just cleaning your interior windows on your own? Also, you may receive a small discount from your window cleaner if you remove the screens ahead of time. Also, don’t forget to have your landscaping trimmed and make your windows easily accessible for cleaning. read more

How Can Commercial Pressure Washing Help Your Business

How Can Commercial Pressure Washing Help Your Business

If you are considering shopping at a new ship, what are the things that are important to you? Perhaps you read reviews online or perhaps checked out the shop’s rating at the Better Business Bureau. However for several individuals, the choice to do business with a new company comes down to appearance. Having a spotless window, a fully functional signage in front of the store, trimmed hedges, as well as other landscaping features can make a good impression on new clients. Given that, if you are operating a business, it is so simple to be too focused on what is happening inside the store that you tend to forget about the external appearance of your company. Because of this, it is a smart idea to get external cleaning solutions such as professional commercial pressure washing service as well as a good landscaping company to tend to your property on a regular basis. read more

Get Your Patio or Deck Ready For Summer With A Pressure Washing Service

Get Your Patio or Deck Ready For Summer With A Pressure Washing Service

When your deck or patio is filled with dirt and dust, you would not want to stay in that part of your home even with the nice weather outside. It is best to contact your local pressure washing company if you need deep cleaning your patio or deck so you can spend time and relax outdoors during the summer season.

Summer is something that a lot of people look forward to. The thought of being able to enjoy sunbathing and other fun-filled outdoor activities help us get through those cold winter nights. So, when the summer season finally arrives, we are often welcomed with an unexpected sight, a dirty patio or deck. You’ll notice that this part of your home is not as inviting as what you may have imagined and it is not a place where you want to spend your summer days. This is when you need the services of a reputable pressure washing company that can remove all the gunk and provide you with a clean and beautiful patio. read more