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Safety Reminders When Operating Pressure Washers

pressure washingSafety Reminders When Operating Pressure Washers

A+ Pro Window Services understands that pressure washers can make our life a lot easier. With it, we are able to clean nearly any kind of surface area such as the exterior of our home, decks and garage floors, a lot more easily and it will also help us do so with optimal efficiency.

However you need to keep in mind that although it may appear that pressure washers are really easy to run and that they are safe to utilize, you still need to remember that they are power tools.

Inappropriate handling of power washers can result to injury, which is why you need to know the best ways to securely operate this piece of machinery. You have to bear in mind that pressure washers are not your day-to-day garden tool. In fact, individuals explain power washers are garden hoses on steroids and they must be dealt with as equipment in line with brush cutters, chainsaws, and other commercial power devices. Read more

What You Can Expect From Your Janitorial Service Provider

What You Can Expect From Your Janitorial Service Provider

In terms of picking out a janitorial service provider in Myrtle Beach, there are several details and options to consider. These include the number days you need to have the service, your budget, and how comprehensive you want the cleaning service to be. All these questions are important to selecting the service that is most suitable for your company. Coming up with these decisions can be cumbersome and it is vital that your expectations are heard and understood especially during the phase where you are outlining a cleaning schedule. Given all these, provided below are some important items you need to expect from your janitorial service company. Read more

Cleaning Up After A Hurricane

pressure washingThe water is receding and many residents in Horry County can finally get into their homes. A+ Pro Services knows there is a lot of cleanup to do and we want you to remain safe. Call us to assist with exterior cleanup such as a pressure washing and window cleaning.

Many Things Must Go

Hurricanes are no regular storm and what they bring is not typical water. The water that hurricanes bring is field with bacteria. It begins in the ocean and then takes up everything that’s on land. All porous items that may have come in contact with this filthy water must be discarded. These include carpeting, dry wall, flooring, insulation, mattresses, and the different types of furniture. All electrical lines must be checked and changed, when needed. Read more

Pressure Washing To Get Rid Of Mold and Mildew From Your Home Exterior

Myrtle Beach pressure washingPressure Washing To Get Rid Of Mold and Mildew From Your Home Exterior

Homeowners here in Myrtle Beach call a pressure washing company right away whenever they notice signs of mold and mildew growth. However, you need to remember that your problem with mold and mildew cannot be solved only by blasting them away. They are fungal growths that will remain on your home’s surface even after a thorough pressure washing.

Mold and mildew love shady areas with humid weather. They can quickly mar the appearance of any home as they grow in streaks and patches of green, black, and brown. Apart from their unsightly appearance, they can also cause health problems when left unchecked. So as to clean and rid of your home of these fungi, you need to start with a good and effective fungicidal wash. Read more

How Can Janitorial Services Save You Money

janitorial servicesHow Can Janitorial Services Save You Money

If you are thinking whether you have the funds to outsource your cleaning requirements to expert janitorial services, you have to consider not just the upfront cost that is associated with it. You likewise need to take into account the long-term savings that come with hiring somebody to handle all your company’ s cleaning needs. A commercial cleaning company does not just help in improving the overall appearance and impression of your business. It can also help you cut some costs.

With commercial cleaning services from A+ Pro Services Inc., it is important to discuss the three primary benefits that will surely save you a lot of time and hassle, and are likewise designed to help you save your company’s money. Read more

Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior After A Storm

Pressure washing Myrtle BeachCleaning Your Home’s Exterior After A Storm

If you have just experienced a hurricane, flood, or a violent tropical storm, you know by now the damage it could do to your home or commercial establishment, both inside and outside your property. After such an unfortunate event, your place may be stained, dirty, and coated with algae. Given that, your property needs to have a thorough exterior pressure washing by a professional service offered by A+ Pro Services.

There are three basic types of washing. These include pressure washing, power washing, and soft washing. Pressure washing Myrtle Beach utilizes high water pressure to get rid of dirt, mildew, mold, and other debris. It is different from power washing because it utilizes water at a regular or normal temperature. Keep in mind that the force of the water and not the temperature that will be responsible for getting rid of the dirt and grime. Read more

Fall Preparation Tips: Power Wash Your Home’s Exterior Wall

Myrtle Beach pressure washingFall Preparation Tips: Power Wash Your Home’s Exterior Wall

As fall arrives, you may begin to notice a brown or green color in your house – especially if your home’s exterior is made of light colored brick or siding. You will be asking yourself what that is. The brown or green tint you saw could probably be mildew, moss, or algae. If you don’t move fast and address it, it may lead to costly and messy structural damage to your home. One of the best ways to get rid of algae and mildew is power washing or pressure washing.

You can easily buy a power washer from your local home improvement store or you can hire a professional like A+ Pro Services Inc., which offers pressure washing services. If you do not want to hire a power washing company to remove the algae, mildew or moss because you wish to do the cleaning yourself, here are a few things you need to prepare and do. Read more

Local Exterior Cleaning Company Now Offers Janitorial Services

A+ Pro Services Inc., the leading professional exterior service based in Shallotte, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC announces today their new offering. The company now provides janitorial services to commercial properties and property management companies.

Business owners understand that a clean and tidy workspace is one which is favorable to employee productivity. Employees who work in a clean and organized space spend less time searching for office supplies and documents. They are more enthusiastic about heading to work, as well. It also makes for less downtime because of sickness. Janitorial services in Myrtle Beachfrom a professional commercial cleaning company, like A+ Pro Services Inc., can help business owners guarantee that when they enter the office, their staff will have a sparkling clean setting to perform their jobs without fear of contamination or illness. Read more

Should I Hire a Professional Window Cleaning Company?

Should I Hire a Professional Window Cleaning Company?

Contemplating whether to DIY or employ a window cleaner? Here are some suggestions to help you make up your mind.

Clean windows can make your house brighter and enhance its total appearance.

Sheila Smeltzer, owner of A+ Pro Window Services points out that a window cleaning company can detect early possible dangerous problems and issues with your windows.

Here are some reasons you should consider working with an expert window cleaning service to keep your windows functioning properly and letting the sun shine in. Read more

Why Hire Quality Janitorial Services?

Why Hire Quality Janitorial Services?

janitorial serviceJanitorial services are very common all over the country. In almost every city, you will find a company that offers residential cleaning services, commercial cleaning services. These are also offered to financial institutions as well as healthcare facilities. These establishments prefer hiring commercial cleaning services instead of having an in-house cleaning team due to the several advantages they get to enjoy. For instance, companies get to save time and their employees can focus more on what they were hired to do. But keep in mind that not all service providers can give high-quality janitorial services. You need to make sure that you choose one that is reliable and can make your home, establishment or facility squeaky clean. Read more