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Why Hire A Professional Building Maintenance Team?

professional building maintenanceWhy Hire A Professional Building Maintenance Team?

You and your workers spend most of your day in the office. Because of that, you all deserve to have a working environment that is not only clean but also safe. Ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your workplace is of utmost importance for to you as well as your business. How committed you are to maintaining the cleanliness of your place of work can significantly affect the proficiency of the recruits you wish to attract, as well as the amount of turnover you need to deal with your existing employees. The relative sloppiness or cleanliness of your workplace is likewise an immediate reflection of your work ethic and your business, making getting the assistance of a professional building maintenance team very essential. read more

Ways To Prevent Rain Spotting On Windows

window cleaningWays To Prevent Rain Spotting On Windows

Filthy windows let raindrops absorb dust, dirt, and pollen, which eventually leaves dirty spots on the windows once the rain dries. Acid rain may also leave behind irregular spotting from the raindrops that splash against the window panes. The precipitation from the acid rain has potentially dangerous levels of sulfuric and nitric acid. The good thing is that there are ways to prevent this from happening so that your windows remain cleaner and less susceptible to rain spotting. Of course, you have the option to hire professional window cleaners to help you out. read more

Do You Need To Power Wash Your Deck Before Staining?

power washing

Do You Need To Power Wash Your Deck Before Staining?

You can easily and quickly prepare your deck for staining or painting by power washing it. However, it is not a prerequisite. As a matter of fact, in some instances, it is not even recommended since power washing can gouge and chip wood. There are other less aggressive options to power washing that can get rid of stains and discoloration on the surface. In case you find these methods ineffective, you always have the option to sand your deck.

You Need To Clean Your Deck

Be sure to get rid of the existing finish before you apply a new one because if you don’t, there is a high risk that your new finish will fail right away. It would stay above the old finish rather than penetrate it. It may even peel off eventually. In case you are staining an older deck, you must also get rid of the gray surface layer of oxidation in case you want the deck to look like it is brand new. You also need to clean your deck thoroughly because it can get rid of tannin, dirt, grime, rust stains, as well as other blemishes that may be visible through the finish. read more

Window Treatments To Help You Survive The Summer

window treatmentsWindow Treatments To Help You Survive The Summer

Too much exposure to sunlight can be detrimental to your health in many ways. To avoid its harsh effects, the simplest way is to confine yourself to your home and turn up the air conditioner at its maximum. This may be good as a temporary solution, however, you need to consider the rays of the sun that tries to sneak in your house through your Myrtle Beach windows and doors.

The heat that gets inside your home through the windows increases the workload of your air conditioner by twofold. About 76% of the sunlight that gets inside your home through typical double pane windows are transformed into heat. During summer, your home’s windows can make your house feel like your inside a greenhouse. read more

Paneful Window Cleaning Solutions

window cleaning professionalsPaneful Window Cleaning Solutions

At A+ Pro Services, Inc, we are passionate about glass. Window Cleaning is a huge chore to most homeowners, but to us is a service that we take very seriously. Most residents build a home that is too large or too tall for them to maintain themselves.

Here are a few tips for some of the most common window cleaning situations:

Windows that constantly streak after cleaning

Window cleaning professionals use squeegees, you should too! Apply a mild soft soap solution to your glass. Dry the top or side edge of your window pane. Always pull squeegee top to bottom or side to side. Starting on dry glass is one secret to avoiding streaks or what professionals call “drag”. Though the pro’s  may be capable of cleaning windows in direct sunshine, you should avoid because your solution will quickly dry and streak.  For best results, clean cool glass. The proof is in the science. read more

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home’s Exterior

window cleaningSpring Cleaning Tips For Your Home’s Exterior

Cleaning and repairing your home’s exterior does not need to be a spring project, although you might want to go outside and enjoy the warm weather after spending the cold winter days and nights inside your home. Listed below are few of the most commonly neglected outdoor maintenance tasks that you might want to work on.

Clean Exterior

Cleaning your home’s exterior will be much easier with the use of a pressure washer. However, you need to be very careful when using this equipment because too much pressure can damage the wood as well as other softer materials. Even though scrubbing is not required when using a pressure washer, you can add a cleaning solution to the machine’s reservoir to help loosen up the suborn dirt and finish the job faster. Be sure to utilize a cleaning solution that is designed for pressure washers and ideal for the kind of surface that you want to clean. There are cleaners intended for certain applications like siding, masonry surfaces, and decks. read more

DIY Versus Professional Pressure Washing

pressure washingDIY Versus Professional Pressure Washing

If you have a business in Brunswick County NC, you are aware of the value of visual aesthetics. You want your staff to be presentable in the way they dress and be a professional representative of your company. You make sure that the interior of your business is clean, starting from the receiving area down to the bathrooms, all the other areas in between. You know very well that a shambolic-looking property does not offer your business a good impression, so be sure to maintain it through pressure washing. read more

Tips For Making Your Shower Door Look Like Brand New

shower door restorationTips For Making Your Shower Door Look Like Brand New

Shower doors almost always turn hazy because of two main reasons, soap scum and hard water. Several commercial cleaners are available in the market today and they all promise to remove the cloudiness. But why do you have to spend your hard earned cash on these cleaners when you can use basic items like baking soda and vinegar in your kitchen to get the same and sometimes even better results? These simple solution can take care of scummy metal handles and frames. However, if you are having problems with rust, check if you have an aluminum foil in your kitchen. read more

Why Commercial Pressure Washing Is The Best Friend Of A Smart Business Owner

pressure washingWhy Commercial Pressure Washing Is The Best Friend Of A Smart Business Owner

How your clients perceive your company is greatly affected by the cleanliness of your building. Even if you are among the best businesses in the industry that you are in, potential customers won’t hire you due to your office’s dismal appearance. But if you invest in a reliable commercial pressure washing service, your company will be sending one of the most important messages to your potential customers – Welcome!

Don’t think that commercial pressure washing is just for logistics companies or industrial corporations. If you want to make your business more attractive to your market, you need to get this kind of service. If you come to think about it, nobody wants to go inside a dirty building. Clients want to go to establishments that are clean. Having a tidy store tells your customers that you care and you want your place to look tidy and inviting. Apart from improving your client’s opinion of you and making a better first impression, keeping your office and business clean shows that you value and appreciate the presence of your clients in your establishment. read more

Tips For Preventing Rain Spotting On Windows

window cleaningTips For Preventing Rain Spotting On Windows

Raindrops will take up pollen, dust, and dirt once it dries on a filthy windows. Acid rain may likewise result in sporadic spotting due to raindrops that may have splashed against the window panes. Precipitation caused by acid rain has dangerous amounts sulfuric and nitric acids. The good thing is that there are measures that you can take to prevent this from happening while keeping your windows tidy as well as make it more impervious to rain spotting. If you don’t have the tools or time to get this task done, you can always seek out the assistance of professional window cleaners. read more