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Offering More Than Pressure Washing in Leland, NC

Men with drop ropes washing windows on a tall building

A+ Pro Services has been killing it since 1999. Winning awards and receiving recognition for her knowledge and customer care, owner Sheila Smeltzer has built a company of diverse services that go beyond pressure washing and windows. And we’re excited to say that those same great services, originally only in Shallotte, NC, are now available in the Leland, NC area. 

The Leland location offers both residential and commercial cleaning services:



In the Leland area, the Southern and coastal humidity creates an excellent homestead for algae. Often mistaken for mold or mildew, algae causes discoloration of roofing surfaces, hurting your aesthetics and property value. A+ Pro uses the cleaning recommendation of the American Asphalt Association to eliminate the growth of algae. If you have brownish streaks running down your roof, you don’t have to put up with that any more. We’ve got you!

Gutter Cleaning

To ensure proper watershed from roofs to drains, we clean debris from roof valleys and gutters. We even clean the downspouts to ground level and, when requested, troubleshoot draining issues. Plus, we take special care using stand-offs to avoid smashing gutters, and we bag up and remove the debris. 

House washing

A+ Pro provides a solution based, low pressure washing that gets into the nooks and crannies of your home – the siding, trim, dormers, porches, gables, and entrances –  to remove all debris and kill all mildew, while leaving a residue free, shiny, polished looking home. We’ll even clean your outdoor furniture. 

Window Cleaning

We offer routine and non-routine window cleaning services that go beyond conventional methods. The sills, glass, tracks, screens, and frames are all integral components of window integrity. Maintaining those components keeps the windows functioning optimally and protects your investment. Be sure to think of us for glass restoration as well. 

Porch Enclosures

We service the framing, sliding tracks, sills, screens, and vinyl panels of porches; as well as replace latches and lubricate the tracks to ensure ease of opening and closing. Routine treatments keep the mildew away and the vinyl supple, making sure the porch stays new-looking and fully functional for years.

Driveways and Entrances

Concrete, stone, masonry, and sometimes treated lumber (“Hardscapes”) comprise some of the most visible, dynamic features of your home’s exterior. Steps, walls, patios, porches, driveways – are all made out of these materials. All the more reason to keep them clean and healthy. We use our high pressure washing to blast mildew, mold, algae, dirt, grime, and anything else that mars your aesthetics. And, A+ Pro’s service always includes clean rinsing, including adjacent areas.



A+ Pro has been providing janitorial services since 2013. We match the municipalities and communities with the right personnel who will be dedicated to their project. Together with our exterior cleaning services, we offer a tailored cleaning package designed with predictability and reliability. We will even get to know your building and recommend repairs. 

Roof Bladders

Many buildings have a flat top with a sealed membrane, or roof bladder. If untreated mildew, scum, or debris damage the integrity of the bladder, the consequences could be enormous. A+ Pro uses a solution based, low pressure washing to safely clean the bladder. We will also remove any accumulating debris that is keeping the roof from draining properly. 

Building Facades

We make staying up-to-date with cleaning technologies and products a priority. Consequently, we have effective ways of treating the blackened or efflorescent appearance to some precast concrete or bricks. We have treatment options from solution based applications like acid washing to high flow, high pressure washing. A+ Pro will find the perfect, environmentally friendly method to restore the image and aesthetics of your commercial property. .

Window Cleaning

With routine and non-routine window cleaning, we keep the beauty and clarity of your glass. Hard water deposits, concrete runoff, road debris, and air contaminants all dirty and sometimes damage the glass. We can perform scratch removal and use our Glass Renu mechanical polishing systems. A+ Pro promises excellent service with our telescopic pure water systems, aerial boom lifts, rope descent systems and ladders of all kinds. Let’s get you a customized plan to protect your investment, appearance, and bright work spaces. 

Concrete and Parking Areas

From signage, monuments, curbing, asphalt, parking blocks, all the way to the concrete entrance, these are the opportunities to make a first impression to visitors. Cleansing surface areas of gum, scum, and automotive stains is a must. A+ Pro will employ industrial grade hot and cold water pressure cleaning systems. Get the professional and polished appearance you want with us! Oh, and we often prefer to perform our service during non-business hours. 

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

We schedule routine and non-routine cleanings of commercial dumpster areas, keeping you kosher with health codes and keeping your employees safe. We will use hot pressure washing, degreasing and other cleaning agents to maintain a sanitized, slip-resistant area that matches the professional and quality appearance of your building.

If you own or manage a house or building, A+ Pro Services, Inc. exists to provide you with top-tier customer service, using the latest equipment with knowledgeable staff and best practices. Contact us today and give us a chance to show you why we are a thriving and reputable company!