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Maximize Your Home Curb Appeal

curb appeal ShallotteThe curb appeal of your house cannot be overstated when it comes to drawing in potential buyers. No one will be willing to take a look at the inside, not matter how fantastic, if the outside is a turn off.

The average buyer does not have the eye to envision a home that is in need of repair and see the potential. A lot of people watch the fixer-upper shows on TV and think that is what they want until they are faced with reality. So unless you have a fantastic view of the ocean or other amazing qualities, the outside of the home could make or break a potential sale.

Preparing your house’s exterior prior to selling is the essential to getting possible buyers to wish to cross that threshold and step inside. Here’s exactly what you need to do.

Step 1: Examine the Situation

The first step is to honestly assess the outside condition of your home. Look through the eyes of a prospective buyer and have a good look from the curb appeal. Maybe you stopped noticing the cracks in the driveway, dirty windows, weeds in the gutters you have not cleaned in years. But, ask any real estate agent in Brunswick County, any prospective purchaser will always look at the outside and make an instant decision whether to move forward or not. Take pictures of the outside and show them to an unbiased observer, like a good friend from work. Ask them tell you what jumps out in regards to required maintenance. If 3 good friends mention a scraggly shrub has to go, then it most likely does.

Step 2: Make a List of Outside Tasks

Taken together, the following jobs can dramatically enhance the attractiveness of your house’s exterior.

  • Get rid of yard mess, including fallen tree limbs, dead shrubs, leaves, junk cars, and outdoor toys that can be saved
  • If your home has mildew or mold, power washing is a must. Even if it is just dirty, power washing can pay for itself with a higher asking price.
  • Re-sod or reseed bare spots on your yard, and keep your lawn cut
  • Trim shrubs, pull weeds, and remove dead tree limbs
  • In summertime, include weeding flowers in containers or window boxes
  • If you have a gravel driveway, consider including a load of gravel to help it look less timeworn. Consider resealing asphalt driveways after power washing them.
  • Clean rain gutters and ensure downspouts are unclogged
  • Replace burnt-out outside light bulbs and guarantee all outside lights work
  • Change mulch that has actually faded
  • Thoroughly clean windows and screens

Step 3. Tackle Major Repairs Prior to Listing your Home

Great. You’ve finished the jobs above. But it’s not time to list your house. It is not a good idea to list your residence in Brunswick County while you have contractors working on painting the exterior of your home or working on the roof or other repairs. While you can achieve a lot of the maintenance jobs essential to keep your home’s outside looking nice for potential buyers, get call in a handyman or local contractor for larger tasks, like having scratches removed from windows or replacing windows in need of repair, painting the outside, etc.

Now, List Your Home!

Curb appeal is the buyers first impression and will determine whether they take a second look. Now that you have your house in tip-top shape and you’re all set to sell it yourself.

A+ Window Services can help with many of the tasks necessary to help you get your home ready to sell. Call us today for an estimate.


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