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Concrete & Parking Lot Cleaning from A+ Pro Services

A member of the A Plus Pro team is wearing a company t-shirt, basketball shorts, a baseball cap, and rain boots while pressure washing a parking lot.

As a business owner, it’s understandable to want your concrete areas such as sidewalks and parking lots to look clean and inviting for current and potential customers. But we know how difficult it is to make time to do the cleaning yourself or to find someone who is reliable to take care of it for you. That’s where we come in – at A Plus Pro Services, we offer concrete and parking lot cleaning services for commercial buildings in North and South Carolina. 

When people arrive at your place of business, sidewalks and parking lots are the first things that your customers see. That’s why it’s important to have safe walking surfaces as well as a clean parking lot; not only to provide a great first impression, but to also make sure your guests feel safe and comfortable in your business environment.

Instead of worrying, just leave the hard work to us. At A Plus Pro, we clean everything including sidewalks, concrete entrance ways, curbs, parking blocks, asphalt, signs, monuments, and more! That’s right – we do it all; even removing pesky chewing gum and even oil stains from parking spots. We do this by using a hot and cold water pressure cleaning system that is designed for industrial use. 

We know what you’re thinking – what if you don’t want your customers to see cleaning efforts that should, well, remain behind-the-scenes? Our professionally trained staff goes by a Safety Work Plan and performs concrete and parking lot cleaning services after business hours to ensure the safety of your customers. Your visitors will never have to see us cleaning, therefore keeping us “out of sight, out of mind.” They’ll just be thrilled to pull up to a business that has a clean exterior!

So, if you’re a business owner who needs concrete and parking lot cleaning around your building, then look no further than the experts here at A Plus Pro Services. We’ll be happy to help keep your place of business looking beautiful. Also, be sure to check out the rest of our services to see what else we may be able to help with – including janitorial, roof cleaning, window cleaning, and more!