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Cleaning Window Screens

window screen ShallotteCleaning window screens can be an aggravating task at times. Here is a simple three-step process that can assist.

Tools You Will Require

  • 3-gallon bucket
  • Water
  • Medium soft brush
  • Meal Soap
  • Lint Free Hand Towels

Window Screen Design

The majority of houses have different sized windows and screens throughout your house. If this holds true, you do not want to mix up the screens due to the fact that, it will become a jigsaw puzzle when it’s time to put them all back.

You can start the window screen cleaning procedure by pulling them all off. If the screens come off from the inside, simply set every one beside the entrance of that space. If they come off from the outside, set every one next to the window that it came from.

You can then gather a couple of screens at a time to start the cleaning process. After each little batch is cleaned, put them back on the very same process they were taken off.

Screen Cleansing Procedures

Action 1– Fill your bucket with warm water. Mix in a few drops of dishwashing soap. Beginning with your very first batch of screens, dip the brush into the soapy water, and gently scrub each side of the screen.

Action 2– Hold the screen up with one hand and carefully whip from behind until all the water comes off. To know which side is the back, search for the rubber cable situated around the edge. This cable is what holds the screen in the frame. Whipping or tapping the opposite side could press out the screen.

Action 3– After all the water has been carefully whipped/tapped from the screen, wipe the frame. You are now prepared to put the screen back into place.

Bonus Dusty Window Screens

When it comes to cleaning window screens, the technique above will work most of the time. There might be a few exceptions for screens that are super dusty. Attempt pre-dusting each side. You can do this by using either a vacuum with an upholstery nozzle, or dust them with a dry rag. You might need to dust each side two times. After the majority of the dust is off, follow the steps above.

Stained or Faded Screens

Specific outdoor screens that are made from vinyl may still look dirty even after they have been pre-dusted and cleaned. This might be caused by the dirt that has stained the surface of the vinyl. In some cases screens will become faded from being exposed to the sun.

Vinyl V.S. Metal Screens

– You will find that a lot of modern-day homes in Brunswick County are built withh vinyl screens. This is mostly because vinyl is less costly than metal.

– Vinyl screens are lighter in weight and are generally easier to clean than metal screens.

– Metal window screens are more long lasting and will last longer than vinyl. They also will not fade in the sun.

– The down side to metal frames is that they are not as easy to repair, and the repair job will more than likely be more pricey than a vinyl screen repair task.

– However, if keeping your family pets inside is a concern, small dogs and cats will be less likely to claw or chew through metal screens.

When it comes to cleaning your screens, you will get the best results by hiring professionals like A+ Pro Window Services. Call us today for an estimate on cleaning your windows and screens.

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