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pressure washingThe water is receding and many residents in Horry County can finally get into their homes. A+ Pro Services knows there is a lot of cleanup to do and we want you to remain safe. Call us to assist with exterior cleanup such as a pressure washing and window cleaning.

Many Things Must Go

Hurricanes are no regular storm and what they bring is not typical water. The water that hurricanes bring is field with bacteria. It begins in the ocean and then takes up everything that’s on land. All porous items that may have come in contact with this filthy water must be discarded. These include carpeting, dry wall, flooring, insulation, mattresses, and the different types of furniture. All electrical lines must be checked and changed, when needed.

Protect Yourself

Before you clean up or salvage anything from your flooded house, you need to protect yourself. Never walk around a flooded area if the electricity has not been shut off. The EPA also recommends wearing a long shirt, long pants, goggles, boots, gloves, as well as a N-95 respirator for protection against hazardous mold.

What Can You Save?

Facebook posts that recommend storing valuables in waterproof dishwashers as part of preparing for hurricanes have been debunked. It might seem as a clever idea but dishwashers actually keep water inside and not outside. When you are evacuating, it is better to take everything that is precious or priceless to you. In terms of what can be salvaged, metal and plastic belongings could be saved, as well as some types of furniture.

Cleaning solid wood pieces is easy. All you need is turpentine or wood alcohol to get rid of white mildew. You can restore the wood using a cream that has lanolin.

What About Your Clothes?

You have to use your common sense when it comes to clothing. Clothing are made to get wet. You can launder it if it has not been immersed in contaminated for a long time. The CDC suggests using detergent and hot water and bringing all linens and clothing to a Laundromat until the waste water system at your house has been checked by a professional. It is also wise to run your clothes and other fabrics in a few rinse cycles to make sure that all contaminants have been removed.


Not all types of mold is bad. Don’t forget, the mold that is used to create penicillin is usually found growing in houses and you even inhale mold spores even by just walking down the streets. If your area only experienced minor flooding, removing porous items and sterilizing hard surfaces by yourself using clean warm water, soap, and sanitizing bleach solution are enough.

But It’s Different With Hurricane Water

Hurricanes bring black mold, which is extremely hazardous to your health and would require the help of a professional. If you decide to use a contractor or perhaps a different cleaning service like Myrtle Beach pressure washing , you need to make sure that they have the experience when it comes to removing mold. They must also adhere to government regulations, which may differ from one state to another. For all the work done, you must get a documentation detailing everything that was done and how the issue was safely fixed.

Insurance Is Important

It is undeniable that flood insurance can be costly and hardly used, which tempts homeowners to skip it. However, if you are residing in a flood prone area, flood insurance is definitely worth the investment. To make sure that your claims will go as smoothly as possible, don’t forget to take videos and photos of your house before any damage happens.

If you need professional help in cleaning your home after a hurricane, call A+ Pro Services Inc. now.

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