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Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior After A Storm

Pressure washing Myrtle BeachCleaning Your Home’s Exterior After A Storm

If you have just experienced a hurricane, flood, or a violent tropical storm, you know by now the damage it could do to your home or commercial establishment, both inside and outside your property. After such an unfortunate event, your place may be stained, dirty, and coated with algae. Given that, your property needs to have a thorough exterior pressure washing by a professional service offered by A+ Pro Services.

There are three basic types of washing. These include pressure washing, power washing, and soft washing. Pressure washing Myrtle Beach utilizes high water pressure to get rid of dirt, mildew, mold, and other debris. It is different from power washing because it utilizes water at a regular or normal temperature. Keep in mind that the force of the water and not the temperature that will be responsible for getting rid of the dirt and grime.

Pressure washing is used for exterior surfaces like patios, deck, and sidewalks. These are hard surfaces that require the extra strength of a pressure wash to get rid of potentially dangerous materials. Pressure washing is performed using a heavy machine that runs at a very high speed, and must not be done by novices.

Power washing utilizes heated water to get rid of mud, dirt, mold, mildew, and other contaminants from your home or building’s exterior. Meanwhile, soft washing utilizes environmentally friendly chemicals to clean the exterior of a commercial building or a residential property. The chemical solution is used and left on for a couple of minutes. This lets the cleaning solution to be absorbed into the siding so that it can breakdown the dirt, mold, mildew, and other debris. After that, the surface is rinsed to remove the dirt and the solution’s vestiges.

A+ Pro Services uses pressure washing to good effect. It is a safe as well as effective process when it comes to cleaning the exterior of a home or commercial building. Keep in mind that you should have your home’s exterior cleaned regularly and not just after a storm. It is recommended to get pressure washing services for your home’s exterior at least once or twice a year.

A professional pressure washing will get rid of the grime that makes your home look older. It will make your property appear well maintained, thus boosting its value. It increases the curb appeal of your property. Keep in mind that the curb appeal of your home is as important as actual value of your home. If you are planning to sell your home, its exterior must be well maintained in order to attract more potential homebuyers.

Pressure washing also helps extend the life of our siding and exterior paint. It gets rid of the chemicals that that would eventually eat away your home’s exterior and lead to potential damages that could be costly to fix. Always remember that if you have just experienced a storm, hurricane, or flood, your commercial building or home will be filthy and even coated with algae. A thorough pressure washing of your home’s exterior is crucial.

Call A+ Pro Services if you need pressure washing services to clean your home or commercial building’s exterior after a storm, hurricane, or flood.

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