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How To Clean High Windows Effectively

It’s the perfect time to wash and clean those spots that perhaps only require it once per year to make sure your property is all set for the warm climate. High windows are one of the top items on the list. High window cleaning is one of the key chores that make people happy when done right.  Cleaning out-of-reach windows ranks  number five, before floors, toilets, and countertops and even bathroom showers.  They are also the one thing that 72% of all people would like to include in our plans for spring cleaning.

It is necessary to clean high windows. However, it is very easy to ignore them. Cleaning them is a serious event, because you need to collect tools, work using a ladder and during the best weather. Here’s a guideline to getting windows that shimmer and glow.

Plan A Day

In reality, you must not just get out of bed one morning and say, “Windows, it’s time!” Window cleaning need to be an organized process. You do not wish to spend your time and effort cleaning your high windows just too see streaks in the end. Streaking can happen when you wash the windows on a sunny day.

The window cleaner is going to dry rapidly on the glass whenever the sun heats up your windows, faster than you could get rid of it, which results in streaks. Since streaks are created by the cleaner, rubbing will not get rid of them.

It will be the same if you try to do this task on a scorching hot day. High temperatures would dry out the cleaner on the glass even before you had the chance to get rid of it. Streaks are going to ruin your windows all over again. Your main objective is gleaming, clean windows, and not partly clean yet streaked.

Strive for a day when the temperature is not expected to go beyond 70 degrees. That is the ideal temperature if you are planning to take on this chore. And needless to say, you need to pick a day that is not raining.

Select Your Way of Getting to the Exterior

If you are going to deal with tall windows, you will require a safe way to access the exterior. The two most common approaches are the use of a squeegee, a long ladder or a handle. These can, obviously, also be done together. You might also need ladder and a squeegee with long handles.

Do not in any way attempt to clean the windows by standing inside and hanging outside of the windows and you need to extend more than your arm. Doing this only increases the risks of falling accidentally. You need to watch out for parts of the roof that are either unsteady or prone to damage. These may include areas like the gutter, which may collapse under your weight. Also, you might end up facing an expensive mistake in terms of home value if you follow the latest home improvement trend which is to install copper gutters.

You can use a stepladder or an extension ladder when cleaning your home’s exterior windows. Be sure to stick to the belt buckle principle. Regardless if you are actually sporting a buckle or not, make that that that area of your body is within the boundaries of the ladder all the time. In case you need to stretch so far, then don’t. This can lead you to lose your balance and be at risk of falling. That is an indication that the ladder has to be transferred.

The Windows Should Be Prepared

Keep in mind that your exterior and interior windows probably have not been washed and cleaned for a long time, so you can expect them to have a lot of dirt. The outside would probably have more leaves, cobwebs and insects to clean off. You need to prepare the area first before anything else, much like what you do before you paint the walls.

A portable hand-held vacuum cleaner can do magic when it comes to getting rid of leaves and any grime. Brushes with soft bristles like those that are usually used when cleaning kitchen counters works well too, however, you still require a small broom for the insects and leaves.

Gather Your Supplies

You will require certain supplies to clean out your windows. Make sure that they are all prepared well before you start the task.

  • Gentle liquid dishwashing soap or white vinegar
  • 2 buckets
  • Squeegees, may or may not have extension poles
  • Big sponges
  • Rubber gloves
  • Ammonia-free all-purpose cleaner
  • Towels
  • Lint-free cloths like chamois and old t-shirts

When you use old clothing, make sure that you select clothes that were not treated with fabric softener. The residue of the softener can create streaks on your windows. In addition, it is not advisable to use paper towels to clean up your windows because they could lead leave lint behind.

You Need To Wash The Windows

For outdoor windows, blend white vinegar and water in a large bucket and use it as the cleaning solution. Dishwashing liquid and water are effective as well. A couple of drops of dishwashing liquid will suffice. Any more than this will cause the water to become too soapy. Fill the other bucket with plain water and use it for rinsing the squeegee and the sponge.

Put a sponge in the cleaning solution and wash the windows with it. Move the squeegee down the window with a straight vertical stroke, starting at the right upper corner. Be sure to repeat the process and do not forget to overlap the previous stroke slightly. Once you finish a stroke, make use of a second sponge or maybe one of the cloths, and use it to wipe the rubber edge of the squeegee. After you are finished moving across the whole window, use the squeegee to pull across the bottom of the window horizontally. For cleaning interior windows, be sure you have towels that could catch the drips. Use the cloth or sponge to dry the well sill. For windows inside your house, you can use a wet cloth an ammonia-free cleaner for wiping the frames.

Rinse it to get rid of the cleaner using a wet cloth and then dry the frames using immediately afterwards. Another important note is that water can harm wood. Also, use the second bucket to clean the squeegee and sponge.

Does all this sound like a lot of work? It is! Save time and get the job done right by calling A+ Pro Window Services. We have the equipment and expertise to handle tall windows.



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