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We’re Bringing Our Professional Cleaning Services to Calabash, NC!

A dock in Calabash, North Carolina, where A Plus Pro offers cleaning services.

You’ve heard the phrase, “That’s a good problem to have.” Well, we are having wonderful, exciting growth at A+ Pro Services, but we have a job to do. How can we reach these great people of Calabash, North Carolina and tell them about what we do and how we do it? We offer professional cleaning services, but what is that exactly? We’d love a chance to tell you while you’re here. 

People had thought of us as specifically a window cleaning business in the past and through some advertising, but mostly positive word of mouth, people in our other service areas learned we do much more than windows. We clean both residential and commercial properties, we go inside and outside the building or home, and we have a variety of skills and applications that meet most cleaning needs. 
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The “Cleaning Service Near Me” in Myrtle Beach Is A+ Pro Services

Blue horizon in the background with blue ocean water while a small sand dune with tall grass is in the foreground.

Part of why we started A+ Pro Cleaning Services is because we love to serve the people around us. Through the years we’ve helped people out of some undesirable situations, increased property value, readied homes for sale, increased revenue for businesses, made working and living spaces more sanitary and safe and welcoming, and reached those hard to reach places like windows or roofs 30 feet in the air. And we did it because we love serving. Now, we plan to bring our love of people and excellence to Myrtle Beach. So if you’re in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area and you search “cleaning service near me,” don’t worry, we are already there and ready. Read more

More Than Window Cleaning Services in Wilmington

A pickup truck with hoses and ladders attached sits in a paved driveway.

Since 1999, A+ Pro Services has provided excellent service to the Shallotte area homeowners and businesses. As we move into Wilmington, NC, we will continue to bring our advanced and award-winning experience, training, equipment, and customer service to our clients. We know Wilmington has other commercial and residential window cleaning services, but we plan to set ourselves apart by bringing truly professional grade cleaning in a wide variety of areas and backing it up with spectacular customer service.  Read more

Offering More Than Pressure Washing in Leland, NC

Men with drop ropes washing windows on a tall building

A+ Pro Services has been killing it since 1999. Winning awards and receiving recognition for her knowledge and customer care, owner Sheila Smeltzer has built a company of diverse services that go beyond pressure washing and windows. And we’re excited to say that those same great services, originally only in Shallotte, NC, are now available in the Leland, NC area. 

The Leland location offers both residential and commercial cleaning services:



In the Leland area, the Southern and coastal humidity creates an excellent homestead for algae. Often mistaken for mold or mildew, algae causes discoloration of roofing surfaces, hurting your aesthetics and property value. A+ Pro uses the cleaning recommendation of the American Asphalt Association to eliminate the growth of algae. If you have brownish streaks running down your roof, you don’t have to put up with that any more. We’ve got you!
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Professional Dumpster Pad Cleaning from A+ Pro Services

Three garbage bins are sitting next to a blue dumpster in a parking lot against a background with a lot of green plants and a blue sky with clouds.

Yuck – no one likes the stinky odor from a dumpster area. But what if we told you that you don’t have to deal with the bad smells anymore? That’s right – A+ Pro Services is proud to offer professional dumpster pad cleaning to help you clean and sanitize those nasty dumpster areas in your parking lot.

But it isn’t just about the look and smell; cleaning and disinfecting dumpster areas on commercial properties is imperative to comply with health codes and is also important for the safety of your employees and customers. Having a dirty dumpster pad can lead to unsanitary conditions that may negatively affect the health of you and those working on the property or those who use the dumpster area.
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Concrete & Parking Lot Cleaning from A+ Pro Services

A member of the A Plus Pro team is wearing a company t-shirt, basketball shorts, a baseball cap, and rain boots while pressure washing a parking lot.

As a business owner, it’s understandable to want your concrete areas such as sidewalks and parking lots to look clean and inviting for current and potential customers. But we know how difficult it is to make time to do the cleaning yourself or to find someone who is reliable to take care of it for you. That’s where we come in – at A Plus Pro Services, we offer concrete and parking lot cleaning services for commercial buildings in North and South Carolina. 

When people arrive at your place of business, sidewalks and parking lots are the first things that your customers see. That’s why it’s important to have safe walking surfaces as well as a clean parking lot; not only to provide a great first impression, but to also make sure your guests feel safe and comfortable in your business environment.
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Commercial Window Cleaning Services That Will Make Your Business Shine

An A+ Pro employee is washing a window with a squeegee with his back turned to the camera.

Are you a business owner who is searching for ways to make your store or office stand out from the crowd? What if we told you that you could create a more welcoming environment to both visitors and workers by investing in professional commercial window cleaning services?

That’s right – regular commercial window cleaning adds beauty and brightness to work spaces and place of business. This not only makes your business attractive to potential clients, but also shows your employees that you care about the environment they work in. 
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Roof Membrane & Commercial Roof Cleaning

The exterior of a newly built strip mall.

As we’ve written about in our blog posts before, A+ Pro Services is known for our professional residential roof and window cleaning services. But did you know we also offer commercial roof cleaning and roof membrane cleaning to businesses in the area?

That’s right; at A+, it’s our goal to make sure that your business looks the best it can so that you can welcome in more potential customers and land more money in your pocket. Because who doesn’t want that?

Commercial Roof & Roof Membrane Cleaning from A+ Pro Services

But what’s exactly the difference between residential and commercial roof cleaning? Well, commercial roofing varies from residential roofing in the sense that roofs on commercial buildings most often use a roof membrane, or a roof bladder, that needs to be cleaned and maintained in a specific way. 
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Janitorial Services That Keep Your Commercial Property Clean

Two colorful cleaning bottles, a scrub brush, a Brillo pad, a duster, and cleaning gloves are positioned in front of a blue wall.

Are you searching for janitorial services for your business? Well, look no further than A+ Pro Services! We’re a professional cleaning company that will get your commercial property looking and feeling cleaner than ever.

Janitorial Services from A+ Pro

We have to admit, we didn’t always offer janitorial services for customers; but when we were approached by a Property Owners Association back in 2013, we realized that there was another service that we could add to our business. And thus, the janitorial branch of A+ Pro was created and we haven’t looked back since!
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A+ Pro Offers Concrete Cleaning for Your Driveway and Entrances

An adult male wearing a baseball hat, grey t-shirt, basketball shorts, and white rubber boots is pressure washing the concrete walkway outside of a business.

You know the saying – first impressions last a lifetime. And that also applies to the exterior of your home or business! No one wants to have new guests visit and see a dirty driveway or entranceway – but that’s where we come in! At A+ Pro Services, we offer professional concrete cleaning that will have the outside of your home looking welcoming in no time.

About Concrete Cleaning from A+ Pro Services

Our concrete cleaning service is one of our most popular semi-annual services that will help increase the curb appeal of your home or business! Improving outdoor aesthetics is great for those who are trying to sell their home or building, as well as for those who want to impress their neighbors and love where they live and/or work.
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