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window cleaning6 Tips to Take Care Of Your Home’s Exterior

Even though a comfortable hammock and a cold glass of lemonade is calling you, spend some time to do a bit of crucial home upkeep before you put your feet up and relax. This maintenance list will assist you in keeping the exterior of your home in Brunswick County in tip top shape.

Clean Up The Dryer Exhaust

A stopped up vent is risk to safety and it can be a drain to the efficiency of your dryer. You need to make certain that exhaust is being released every time the dryer is operational. In case you do not detect that much exhaust, it could be a sign of a blockage. It would be best to leave the inspection and repair to a professional. You can also improve the dryer’s performance by vacuuming the vent.

Tidy Up and Fix The Deck

A good washing might be all that it needs. However, you should also address problems with your deck like loose boards, cracks or decay. Pressure washing will be most helpful if you find yourself in this situation. The North American Deck and Railing Association said to always test for decay, particularly in locations that are usually damp. If you notice a soft and spongy wood or if it does not splinter after poking it with a screwdriver, your deck could be unsafe to use. Furthermore, be sure to search for tiny holes, which may well serve as a sign of insects. If the coating of the deck has worn away, re-coat it with a waterproofing layer after cleaning.

Clean Window Wells and Gutters

Seeds, petals, and leaves may pileup in your window wells and gutters especially during the summer season. Be sure to clear away the debris so that rainwater can properly drain away from the foundation of your home. In additional, find out if an animal has converted your window well into its home. You can always hire professional window cleaning Brunswick County.

Examine Your Roof

A good way to check your roof without having to put your safety at risk is by using binoculars. In case you need to replace a few shingles only, a handyman might be able to get this done for you for an affordable price. For substantial damages, you need to speak to a professional roofer.

Seal the Cracks

Look for breaks in doors and windows and apply a sealant to avoid leaks. For minor cracks and scratches in your windows call A+ Pro Window services for window restoration. Also, put some weather stripping to your doors. This will make your air conditioning system run more smoothly and efficiently, plus, it will also save you some money.

Fix the Driveway

An ugly crack or hole in the driveway diminishes the curb appeal of your home, which could lead to a bigger problem. For driveways made of concrete, you may fill or patch the chips or cracks using a cement-repair product. Bigger issues like sunken concrete and deeper cracks are  better left at the hands of a professional. Asphalt is more difficult to fix, so contact a professional. To boost its lifespan, a driveway made of asphalt must be resealed at least every two years.

A+ Pro Services can help you get back to relaxing with outdoor cleaning  like power washing, window washing and gutter cleaning. Call us now.

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