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Clean Screens Provide an Open Window for a Healthy Life


Screen porch enclosures are fantastic for those who want to enjoy all the benefits of the outdoors without actually stepping outside the comforts of home. Whether you call it a Carolina Room, lanai, Four Seasons Room, or just a plain-ol’ screened-in porch, one thing’s for sure – cleaning screens and windows as well as their frames and tracks can become quite tedious. So why not save yourself the headache of stressing out over a room that is supposed to provide pure relaxation by calling A+ Pro for affordable window and screen porch enclosure cleaning services? Read more

Artillery Fungus Removal

artillery fungus on wood mulch

Artillery Fungus Removal

=&0=& is an organic material that sticks to house siding, windows or anything that’s near mulch beds. At A+ Pro we had to find means of removal, because that’s what we do.

Do you have artillery fungus in your mulch?

The fruiting body of this fungus orients itself toward bright surfaces, such as light-colored houses or parked automobiles and “shoots” its black, sticky spore mass onto adjacent surfaces. You may also find this fungus on the undersides of leaves on plants growing in mulched areas.

Mulched areas with artillery fungi may appear matted and lighter in color than the surrounding mulch. If caught at the right time, you can see the flowering bodies of artillery fungus as shown in the photos above. Once they “shoot” the spores onto a surface, it’s difficult to remove without damaging the surface. Additionally, once removed, it leaves a stain.  Read more

5 Reasons You Need A+ Pro Services as Your Cleaning Service

man cleaning window as commercial cleaning service5 Reasons You Need A+ Pro Services as Your Cleaning Service

Welcome to A+ Pro Services, your professional cleaning service choice. Here are 5 reasons to choose A+ Pro Services:

  • A+ Pro Services is one of the best cleaning services in Brunswick County.
  • We have nearly 20 years experience in pressure washing, window cleaning, and commercial janitorial cleaning services.
  • It’s all about you! We’ve crafted our cleaning services, based on our clients’ feedback. Without you, there wouldn’t be an A+ Pro Services.
  • The cost of our cleaning service may not be the lowest, but the value you get is seriously worth it. We focus on the details, and the details are important, especially when cleaning your home or building exterior. When we’re on location, we want to clean everything. When cleaning windows, we include glass, tracks, frames, screens and sills.
  • We’re licensed, bonded, and well trained.
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    Safety Reminders When Operating Pressure Washers

    pressure washingSafety Reminders When Operating Pressure Washers

    A+ Pro Window Services understands that pressure washers can make our life a lot easier. With it, we are able to clean nearly any kind of surface area such as the exterior of our home, decks and garage floors, a lot more easily and it will also help us do so with optimal efficiency.

    However you need to keep in mind that although it may appear that pressure washers are really easy to run and that they are safe to utilize, you still need to remember that they are power tools.

    Inappropriate handling of power washers can result to injury, which is why you need to know the best ways to securely operate this piece of machinery. You have to bear in mind that pressure washers are not your day-to-day garden tool. In fact, individuals explain power washers are garden hoses on steroids and they must be dealt with as equipment in line with brush cutters, chainsaws, and other commercial power devices.

    A+ Pro Window Services would like to remind you of several things to keep in mind when operating a power washer.

    Protect Yourself When Using A Pressure Washer

    Well, for starters, you should use protective clothing. Since you will be working with water, you may be tempted to work in your swimwear or in your exercise shorts. This is not recommended. When working with pressure washers, you should use safety glasses or blast shield, boots, coveralls or raincoat, and ear plugs.

    If you are going to use the pressure washer with cleaning agents or chemicals, you may want to think about utilizing a trusted mask, such as a gas mask. This will prevent you from inhaling the hazardous fumes that cleaning chemicals discharge. You must also utilize a pair of gloves and duct tape it to your raincoat to seal to avoid fluid from permeating in.

    Check The Pressure Washer

    Secondly, you need to check every part of the pressure washer prior to starting your project. Ensure that every part remains in great working condition and is working correctly to prevent injuries that might take place if the unit malfunctions.

    This implies that you need to look for leaks in the pump, inspect the oil levels, electrical motors, and the electric cord for tears. You should also make certain that you can avoid wet areas whenever you use extension cables for your pressure washer.

    Also, attempt to make sure that the nozzles, wands, and spray hoses are free from blockages. Keep in mind that you will be dealing with very high pressure and you may move these obstructions at an extremely high pressure, which can lead to damaging a home or injuries.

    Always bear in mind that you need to never ever point the nozzle at anyone. And, try to begin with low pressure and increase it gradually to obtain the very best outcome. Likewise, ensure that you are using the best spray ends for the kind of work you are finishing with the Myrtle Beach pressure washer.

    Ask For Help

    You also need to make certain that you have another individual is with you, specifically if you are going to work on a ladder or ledge. If no one is readily available to work with you, it is recommended that you utilize a telescoping wand to clean high surface areas.

    Finally, always remember to clean up the equipment after using. Run clear water through the system if you utilized cleaning chemicals to prevent corrosion inside the pump, trigger weapon, and wand. Before stowing the pressure washer away, make certain that you let the engine cool down first.

    These are the safety preventative measures that you need to remember whenever you operate a pressure washer. Remember that you will be working with water in high pressure or potentially heats. And, you will also be working with electricity.

    The best and most efficient way to get the work done is to hire the professionals at A+ Window Services. We have all the necessary equipment and are experienced with handling a pressure washer.

    Call today to schedule our team to clean your home’s exterior, your patio or deck or driveway and walkways.

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    What You Can Expect From Your Janitorial Service Provider

    What You Can Expect From Your Janitorial Service Provider

    In terms of picking out a janitorial service provider in Myrtle Beach, there are several details and options to consider. These include the number days you need to have the service, your budget, and how comprehensive you want the cleaning service to be. All these questions are important to selecting the service that is most suitable for your company. Coming up with these decisions can be cumbersome and it is vital that your expectations are heard and understood especially during the phase where you are outlining a cleaning schedule. Given all these, provided below are some important items you need to expect from your janitorial service company.

    Detailed Scope Of Work

    Getting a good understanding of what tasks need to be completed is important in selecting a cleaning company and in assessing your existing Myrtle Beach janitorial service provider. A scope of work will outline all the responsibilities of the janitorial service provider and how frequent the service will be provided to you. It will also include all period work that may be included in your contract. It may include things like detail cleaning or floor care.

    24/7 Communication

    Communicating with your janitorial service provider is important. At A+ Pro Services, we always make sure that we keep an open line of communication. We make sure that all our clients to take full control of the professional services that they are being given and it provides them with the ability to get in touch with us any time of day.

    Direct Point Of Contact

    It can be annoying whenever you are paying for a service and you need to wait on hold for almost forever before you can talk to someone real. We take pride in providing all our clients with an individual experience. We provide all our clients with our contact information, a guaranteed way to reach us without having to be placed on hold over the phone.

    Scheduled Inspections

    Routine review of services can be very helpful whenever the expectations are high. These meetings are a great opportunity to give your opinion and any request you may have for certain services you need for your facility. We value your input because it gives us a clear vision as to your expectations and how we can improve our services.

    Experienced and Knowledgeable Team

    There’s nothing worse than hiring experts and getting amateurs. You need to make sure that the janitorial service provider you choose or have chosen has the capacity and experience to clean your facility effectively and properly.

    A+ Pro Services have been in business for several years and we recognize and understand the important value of experience. Those years have taught us that a lot of things when it comes to cleaning. We have trained staff as well as dedicated managers who will oversee the operations of every facility.

    We regularly train our employees on the latest cleaning techniques and products so they can be as thorough and efficient as possible. When you are thinking about your options as well as expectations for a specific janitorial service provider, it is crucial to understand that a tidy and neat office requires more than just cleaning, there are several moving parts. In case you are not getting all the points mentioned above from your current janitorial service provider, maybe you need to reassess and reconsider.

    Call A+ Pro Services now if you need a trustworthy and reputable janitorial service provider.

    A+ Pro Services Inc.
    Shallotte, NC 28470
    (910) 754-2263

    Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
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    Cleaning Up After A Hurricane

    pressure washingThe water is receding and many residents in Horry County can finally get into their homes. A+ Pro Services knows there is a lot of cleanup to do and we want you to remain safe. Call us to assist with exterior cleanup such as a pressure washing and window cleaning.

    Many Things Must Go

    Hurricanes are no regular storm and what they bring is not typical water. The water that hurricanes bring is field with bacteria. It begins in the ocean and then takes up everything that’s on land. All porous items that may have come in contact with this filthy water must be discarded. These include carpeting, dry wall, flooring, insulation, mattresses, and the different types of furniture. All electrical lines must be checked and changed, when needed.

    Protect Yourself

    Before you clean up or salvage anything from your flooded house, you need to protect yourself. Never walk around a flooded area if the electricity has not been shut off. The EPA also recommends wearing a long shirt, long pants, goggles, boots, gloves, as well as a N-95 respirator for protection against hazardous mold.

    What Can You Save?

    Facebook posts that recommend storing valuables in waterproof dishwashers as part of preparing for hurricanes have been debunked. It might seem as a clever idea but dishwashers actually keep water inside and not outside. When you are evacuating, it is better to take everything that is precious or priceless to you. In terms of what can be salvaged, metal and plastic belongings could be saved, as well as some types of furniture.

    Cleaning solid wood pieces is easy. All you need is turpentine or wood alcohol to get rid of white mildew. You can restore the wood using a cream that has lanolin.

    What About Your Clothes?

    You have to use your common sense when it comes to clothing. Clothing are made to get wet. You can launder it if it has not been immersed in contaminated for a long time. The CDC suggests using detergent and hot water and bringing all linens and clothing to a Laundromat until the waste water system at your house has been checked by a professional. It is also wise to run your clothes and other fabrics in a few rinse cycles to make sure that all contaminants have been removed.


    Not all types of mold is bad. Don’t forget, the mold that is used to create penicillin is usually found growing in houses and you even inhale mold spores even by just walking down the streets. If your area only experienced minor flooding, removing porous items and sterilizing hard surfaces by yourself using clean warm water, soap, and sanitizing bleach solution are enough.

    But It’s Different With Hurricane Water

    Hurricanes bring black mold, which is extremely hazardous to your health and would require the help of a professional. If you decide to use a contractor or perhaps a different cleaning service like Myrtle Beach pressure washing , you need to make sure that they have the experience when it comes to removing mold. They must also adhere to government regulations, which may differ from one state to another. For all the work done, you must get a documentation detailing everything that was done and how the issue was safely fixed.

    Insurance Is Important

    It is undeniable that flood insurance can be costly and hardly used, which tempts homeowners to skip it. However, if you are residing in a flood prone area, flood insurance is definitely worth the investment. To make sure that your claims will go as smoothly as possible, don’t forget to take videos and photos of your house before any damage happens.

    If you need professional help in cleaning your home after a hurricane, call A+ Pro Services Inc. now.

    A+ Pro Services Inc.
    Shallotte, NC 28470
    (910) 754-2263

    Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
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    Pressure Washing To Get Rid Of Mold and Mildew From Your Home Exterior

    Myrtle Beach pressure washingPressure Washing To Get Rid Of Mold and Mildew From Your Home Exterior

    Homeowners here in Myrtle Beach call a pressure washing company right away whenever they notice signs of mold and mildew growth. However, you need to remember that your problem with mold and mildew cannot be solved only by blasting them away. They are fungal growths that will remain on your home’s surface even after a thorough pressure washing.

    Mold and mildew love shady areas with humid weather. They can quickly mar the appearance of any home as they grow in streaks and patches of green, black, and brown. Apart from their unsightly appearance, they can also cause health problems when left unchecked. So as to clean and rid of your home of these fungi, you need to start with a good and effective fungicidal wash.

    Although this is a service that is conducted by several professional painting firms and power washing companies, you as a homeowner can also do this task. Combine one part mildewcide wash and then one part bleach with ten parts water in a hand pump garden sprayer. Divide the surface into sections and be sure to work only one part at a time. Spray the solution in one section and leave it for about 30 seconds and then wash it off using a low pressure spray. In case the mildew and mold spores still do not wash away, you might have to strengthen your solution and then reapply it again on the surface. A long handled scrub brush can also come in handy in cleaning tough sections.

    Always remember to be very careful when you are using a pressure washer or when you hire a pressure washing company to get this task done for you. Your home will suffer significantly in case the work is done in a rush or carelessly. Some homeowners or even pressure washing contractors who use too much pressure to complete the job right away. This can cause the paint on your walls to flake off or create grooves or etched lines on your home exterior.

    When hiring a pressure washing company, be sure to choose one that has a good reputation. A+ Pro Services Inc., for instance, will help you get rid of your mold and mildew problems safely and efficiently.

    If you hire a good Myrtle Beach pressure washing service, the team assigned to you can work on multiple surfaces. They will get rid of the rid of the mold on different kinds of surfaces like walkways and concrete. A good contractor will also use the right water pressure and top quality cleaning products. These will not just aid in your exterior’s cosmetic appearance but also prevent future mold and mildew growth.

    Call A+ Pro Services Inc. now if notice mold and mildew growth in your home exterior.

    A+ Pro Services Inc.
    Shallotte, NC 28470
    (910) 754-2263

    Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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    How Can Janitorial Services Save You Money

    janitorial servicesHow Can Janitorial Services Save You Money

    If you are thinking whether you have the funds to outsource your cleaning requirements to expert janitorial services, you have to consider not just the upfront cost that is associated with it. You likewise need to take into account the long-term savings that come with hiring somebody to handle all your company’ s cleaning needs. A commercial cleaning company does not just help in improving the overall appearance and impression of your business. It can also help you cut some costs.

    With commercial cleaning services from A+ Pro Services Inc., it is important to discuss the three primary benefits that will surely save you a lot of time and hassle, and are likewise designed to help you save your company’s money.

    Avoid Bigger Problems

    By having your commercial establishment cleaned and maintained on a regular basis by Myrtle Beach janitorial services, small issues can be dealt with immediately and prevented from turning into larger and costlier problems. The flooring is one good example. Routine cleaning and maintenance will take care and remove carpet stains. Always remember that once large stains have been embedded within the carpet fibers, it will be very difficult to remove the stain. In some cases, you will have to replace your carpet entirely.

    Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Once customers go inside your business establishment, they want to see a clean and organized place of work. A filthy work environment will always be a turn off regardless if it is an office, restaurant, or a retail shop. Customers also have a keen eye on unsanitary restrooms. Companies that pay attention to the cleanliness of their restrooms will enjoy higher customer satisfaction than those that don’t, which will significantly affect their bottom line.

    Boost Employee Productivity

    A clean and organized workspace boosts employee productivity. Additionally, employees feel happier if their work environment is clean, thus, improving employee retention rates.

    If you want to learn more about janitorial services, call A+ Pro Services Inc. now.

    A+ Pro Services Inc.
    Shallotte, NC 28470
    (910) 754-2263

    Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
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    Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior After A Storm

    Pressure washing Myrtle BeachCleaning Your Home’s Exterior After A Storm

    If you have just experienced a hurricane, flood, or a violent tropical storm, you know by now the damage it could do to your home or commercial establishment, both inside and outside your property. After such an unfortunate event, your place may be stained, dirty, and coated with algae. Given that, your property needs to have a thorough exterior pressure washing by a professional service offered by A+ Pro Services.

    There are three basic types of washing. These include pressure washing, power washing, and soft washing. Pressure washing Myrtle Beach utilizes high water pressure to get rid of dirt, mildew, mold, and other debris. It is different from power washing because it utilizes water at a regular or normal temperature. Keep in mind that the force of the water and not the temperature that will be responsible for getting rid of the dirt and grime.

    Pressure washing is used for exterior surfaces like patios, deck, and sidewalks. These are hard surfaces that require the extra strength of a pressure wash to get rid of potentially dangerous materials. Pressure washing is performed using a heavy machine that runs at a very high speed, and must not be done by novices.

    Power washing utilizes heated water to get rid of mud, dirt, mold, mildew, and other contaminants from your home or building’s exterior. Meanwhile, soft washing utilizes environmentally friendly chemicals to clean the exterior of a commercial building or a residential property. The chemical solution is used and left on for a couple of minutes. This lets the cleaning solution to be absorbed into the siding so that it can breakdown the dirt, mold, mildew, and other debris. After that, the surface is rinsed to remove the dirt and the solution’s vestiges.

    A+ Pro Services uses pressure washing to good effect. It is a safe as well as effective process when it comes to cleaning the exterior of a home or commercial building. Keep in mind that you should have your home’s exterior cleaned regularly and not just after a storm. It is recommended to get pressure washing services for your home’s exterior at least once or twice a year.

    A professional pressure washing will get rid of the grime that makes your home look older. It will make your property appear well maintained, thus boosting its value. It increases the curb appeal of your property. Keep in mind that the curb appeal of your home is as important as actual value of your home. If you are planning to sell your home, its exterior must be well maintained in order to attract more potential homebuyers.

    Pressure washing also helps extend the life of our siding and exterior paint. It gets rid of the chemicals that that would eventually eat away your home’s exterior and lead to potential damages that could be costly to fix. Always remember that if you have just experienced a storm, hurricane, or flood, your commercial building or home will be filthy and even coated with algae. A thorough pressure washing of your home’s exterior is crucial.

    Call A+ Pro Services if you need pressure washing services to clean your home or commercial building’s exterior after a storm, hurricane, or flood.

    A+ Pro Services Inc.
    Shallotte, NC 28470
    (910) 754-2263

    Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
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    Fall Preparation Tips: Power Wash Your Home’s Exterior Wall

    Myrtle Beach pressure washingFall Preparation Tips: Power Wash Your Home’s Exterior Wall

    As fall arrives, you may begin to notice a brown or green color in your house – especially if your home’s exterior is made of light colored brick or siding. You will be asking yourself what that is. The brown or green tint you saw could probably be mildew, moss, or algae. If you don’t move fast and address it, it may lead to costly and messy structural damage to your home. One of the best ways to get rid of algae and mildew is power washing or pressure washing.

    You can easily buy a power washer from your local home improvement store or you can hire a professional like A+ Pro Services Inc., which offers pressure washing services. If you do not want to hire a power washing company to remove the algae, mildew or moss because you wish to do the cleaning yourself, here are a few things you need to prepare and do.

  • The task requires a power or pressure washer as well as a cleaner that is suitable for brick or siding.
  • The pressure washer that you will use must have a nozzle that won’t damage the exterior wall of your house. In case you are renting or buying the Myrtle Beach pressure washing equipment, don’t forget to ask for a nozzle that’s specifically designed for this reason. The nozzle is responsible for giving it a wider spray compared to the spray that is needed when cleaning a concrete driveway for example.
  • You also need to protect your plants, if you have any. Cover all shrubs, plants as well as any light fixtures that are within or close to the area where you need to power wash. To protect the light fixtures, you can cover it with a plastic bag and secure it using duct tape.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions when using the pressure washer. Begin from the bottom up so that you can see what you are cleaning. You also need to use smooth strokes to avoid missing any spot. Additionally, allow the solution to set for a few minutes before rinsing it off.
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