What Are The Best Southport NC Restaurants For You To Grab A Meal?

Southport, North Carolina has many great restaurants, but they don’t number in the hundreds. This is a pretty small city, but you still want to know where to eat. As you explore Southport, you are going to enjoy the following five establishments that serve up some delicious food. When you get there, you will enjoy Cape Fear River and all kinds of things to do. Maybe you are moving there instead of visiting, and in that case, you really want to know what restaurants are good.

The first Southport restaurant that I want to mention is Josephs Italian Bistro. When is it not a good time for Italian food? All you have to do is look for the big pink building on Oquinn Boulevard. Now, this isn’t just your average Italian restaurant as you might already be able to tell. How would you like to enjoy some grouper, soft shell crab or escargot? Reviewers talk about it being a rather busy place, so that means it is quite popular for sure.

Southport_Smoke_HouseNext up is Southport Smokehouse, and it is located on North Howe Street. How would you like some banana pudding, buffalo chips, hush puppies and brisket? All of the above sounds good to me. Barbecue is always good, and the people of Southport NC know their barbecue. This might be the first restaurant I would want to visit.

Then there is a place called Frying Pan. I really like that name, and this establishment is located on West Bay Street. This is a seafood joint, and the pictures of the food look scrumptious. Seafood isn’t always one of my first choices, but it is still really good. Get your crab cakes, shrimp and much more.

Restaurant SouthportAre you ready for another seafood place with an even cooler name? Fishy Fishy Cafe just makes me want to smile, and you can find it on Yacht Basin Drive. A picture of a seafood basket makes this place look very casual, and the food looks delicious. It is a cafe after all, Fishy Fishy Cafe.

Have you already figured out where you are going to eat first in Southport? You can also get a good burger at the Fishy Fishy Cafe. That sounds like a plan, don’t you think? However, one of the best places to get a burger in Southport is called Fat Andy’s Burger. It is located on South Beach Road, and it is basically a restaurant in a house. It looks really cool and rustic, and now I am thinking I would want to go there first.

Doesn’t Southport sound like the perfect little city in North Carolina? It sure does seem like a cool place to visit or live for that matter. You have been introduced to some of the really good restaurants there, the best in fact. Fishy Fishy Cafe still has my focus, but like I said, the burger place is a must visit, too. You don’t have to be in a hurry. Take your time and visit them all.

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