Restaurants Wilmington NC

Five Of The Best Restaurants In The Coastal City Of Wilmington NC

Wilmington, North Carolina is right on the coast in the southeastern corner of the state. It is home to many great restaurants, especially since it is considered to be a popular tourist destination. You can imagine you are going to eat some great seafood there. Let’s get to looking at five of the top restaurants in Wilmington NC so that you will know where to grab a bite to eat.

One of the top restaurants in Wilmington is known as The Pilot House. It can be found on Ann Street, and it is one of the stops you will want to make for delicious seafood. It is also known as a popular brunch spot and offers a diverse menu. Reviewers talk about the view while dining there, so that is an extra added bonus. There is also outdoor dining available, and one of the pictures for this restaurant on a top travel site shows a very nice looking piece of pie for dessert.

Next up for the best restaurants in Wilmington NC is a place called Elijah’s Restaurant. It is also located on Ann Street just like The Pilot House. It also happens to be another popular place for seafood, but don’t think this restaurant is just like the other. It does have a view though, which you should certainly enjoy. Considering where Wilmington is located as mentioned, on the coast, many of the city’s restaurant are going to have a view.

Now let’s visit a place called The Basics, which is located on North Front Street. This brunch spot serves up delicious meatloaf and peach cobbler according to the reviews, and that has my mouth watering. It is mentioned in the reviews, too, that the portions are generous. It is also good to know that this establishment is great for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now on to the 4th Wilmington restaurant, and it is called Manna. It is located on Princess Street, and one popular menu item there is duck. The pictures of the plated food for this place look absolutely exquisite. You should not be disappointed eating there, but just realize that this is a more upscale place. Visit this type of place when you are in that kind of mood.

For the 5th top restaurants i n Wilmington for this list, we are headed to virtually visit Boca Bay. It is located on Eastwood Road, and while a popular brunch spot, it is said to be a good dinner spot, too. This is another place that makes their desserts look absolutely delicious and unique in the pictures. You have plenty of Wilmington restaurants to stop by while you are in the city, but now you know five of the best. Out of all five of them, which would you like to stop by first? My pick would be the place that serves up meatloaf and peach cobbler, and that was The Basics. I would want to try all five if possible though. Hopefully you get a chance to do the same.

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